ams: past papers

ams:past papers

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1 Mars Science Laboratory Drill Avi Okon2010:
2 Lightweight Low Force Rotary Percussive Coring Tool for Planetary Applications Ross Hironaka, Scott Stanley2010:
3 A Novel Approach for a Low-Cost Deployable Antenna Chris Amend, Michael Nurnberger, Paul Oppenheimer, Steve Koss, Bill Purdy2010:
4 A Completely New Type of Actuator -or- This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Internal Combustion Engine Brian Gore, Gary Hawkins, Peter Hess, Teresa Moore, Eric Fournier2010:
5 An Evaluation of Liquid, Solid, and Grease Lubricants for Space Mechanisms Using a Spiral Orbit Tribometer Michael Buttery2010:
6 Qualification of a High Accuracy Dual-Axis Antenna Deployment and Trimming Mechanism Alain Gossant, Francois Morichon2010:
7 Scanning Mechanism of the FY-3 Microwave Humidity Sounder Manfred Schmid, Li Jing, Christian Hehr2010:
8 A Coarse Pointing Assembly for Optical Communication Gerhard Székely, D. Blum, M. Humphries, A. Koller, D. Mussett, S. Schuler, P. Vogt2010:
9 Design and Development of Two-Axis Thruster Gimbal with Xenon Propellant Lines Armond Asadurian2010:
10 Gravity-Offloading System for Large-Displacement Ground Testing of Spacecraft Mechanisms Olyvia Han, David Kienholz, Paul Janzen, Scott Kidney2010:
11 Gimbals Drive and Control Electronics Design, Development and Testing of the LRO High Gain Antenna and Solar Array Systems Boris Chernyakov, Kamal Thakore2010:
12 Fastener Capture Plate Technology to Contain On-Orbit Debris Kevin Eisenhower2010:
13 Space Station Control Moment Gyroscope Lessons Learned Charles Gurrisi, Raymond Seidel, Scott Dickerson, Stephen Didziulis, Peter Frantz, Kevin Ferguson2010:
14 International Space Station Powered Bolt Nut Anomaly and Failure Analysis Summary Daniel Sievers, Harry Warden2010:
15 The International Space Station Solar Alpha Rotary Joint Anomaly Investigation Elliot Harik, Justin McFatter, Daniel Sweeney, Carlos Enriquez, Deneen Taylor, David McCann2010:
16 Test Validation of the Repair to the Space Station Solar Alpha Rotary Joint Curtis Allmon, Will Wilkinson, Stu Loewenthal2010:
17 Experimental Investigation of Forces Produced by Misaligned Steel Rollers Timothy Krantz, Christopher DellaCorte, Michael Dube2010:
18 Mars Science Laboratory Sample Acquisition, Sample Processing and Handling:Subsystem Design and Test Challenge Louise Jandura2010:
19 Mars Science Laboratory CHIMRA: A Device for Processing Powdered Martian Samples Daniel Sunshine2010:
20 Performance of Regolith Feed Systems for Analog Field Tests of In-Situ Resource Hawaii Ivan Townsend, Robert Mueller, James Mantovani, Kris Zacny, Jack Craft2010:
21 Refined Gearbox Design for JSC’s Chariot Lunar Rover Steve Baumann, David Lewicki2010:
22 Nickel-Titanium Alloys: Corrosion “Proof” Alloys for Space Bearing, Components and Mechanism Applications Christopher DellaCorte2010:
23 Gossamer Technology to De-Orbit LEO Non-Propulsion-Fitted Satellites Christian Dupuy, O. Le Couls2010:
24 Preliminary Assessment of Seals for Dust Mitigation of Mechanical Components for Lunar Surface Systems Irebert Delgado, Michael Handschuh2010:
25 Development of the Tri-ATHLETE Lunar Vehicle Prototype Matt Heverly, Jaret Matthews, Matt Frost, Chris McQuin2010:
26 An Approach to Designing Passive Self-Leveling Landing Gear with Application to the Lunar Lander Troy Rippere, Gloria Wiens2010:
27 Design and Manufacture of a Highly Reliable, Miniaturized and Low-Mass Shutter Mechanism Markus Manhart, T. Zeh, G. Preißler, A. Hurni, G. Peter, I. Walter, J. Helbert, K. Multhaup, H. Hiesinger2010:
28 Miniaturized Single-Shot Valve and its Application to the ExoMars Pasteur Payload Pierre Muller, Hartmut Henkel, Sabine Klinkner2010:
29 MoS2-Filled PEEK Composite as a Self-Lubricating Material for Aerospace Applications Geraldine Theiler, Thomas Gradt2010:
30 Evolution of the IBDM Structural Latch Development into a Generic Simplified Design Kristiaan De Vriendt, Helder Dittmer, Davy Vrancken, Peter Urmston, Oscar Gracia2010:
31 Development of the Upgraded DC Brush Gear Motor for Spacebus Platforms Robert Berning III, Olivier Viout2010:
32 Static Load Distribution in Ball Bearings Mario Ricci2010:
33 Development of a High Resolution Rotary Actuator for an Antenna Trimming Mechanism J. Brossier, X. Jeandot, Y. Baudasse, D. Grima, F. Champandard2008:
34 Precision Linear Actuator for Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) Siderostat Pointing B. Cook, D. Braun, S. Hankins, J. Koenig, D. Moore2008:
35 Focus Mechanism for Kepler Mission K. Koski2008:
36 Evaluation of Separation Mechanism Design for the Orion/Ares Launch Vehicle K. Konno, D. Catalano, T. Krivanek2008:
37 Gas Strut Separation Alternative for Ares I B. Floyd, J. Owens2008:
38 A System for Suspending and Vibration-Isolating a Large Spacecraft for Testing in Vacuum D. Keinholz2008:
39 Sample Manipulation System for Sample Analysis at Mars E. Mumm, T. Kennedy, L. Carlson, D. Roberts2008:
40 Icy Soil Acquisition Device for the 2007 Phoenix Mars Lander P. Chu, J. Wilson, K. Davis, L. Shiraishi, K. Burke2008:
41 The Mars Climate Sounder In-Flight Positioning Anomaly B. Jau, D. Kass2008:
42 Failure of the Trailing Umbilical System Disconnect Actuator on the International Space Station A. Gilmore, C. Schmitt, L. Merritt, V. J. Bolton2008:
43 Deflection Analysis of the Space Shuttle External Tank Door Drive Mechanism M. Tosto, B. Trieu, B. Evernden, D. Hope, K. Wong, R. Lindberg2008:
44 Development of the Aquarius Antenna Deployment Mechanisms and Spring/Damper Actuator J. Johnson2008:
45 Ultra Light Self-Motorized Mechanism for Deployment of Light Weight Space Craft Appendages C. Bösch, C. Pereira, R. John, T. Schmidt, K. Seifart, H. Sparr, J. Lautier, T. Pyttel2008:
46 Docking System Mechanism Utilized on Orbital Express Program S. Christiansen, T. Nilson2008:
47 A Radiation-Hardened, High-Resolution Optical Encoder for Use in Aerospace Applications P. Kreckie2008:
48 A Novel Grabbing/Latching Mechanism Without Moving Part B. Gore, G. Hawkins2008:
49 Electrically Powered Separation Nuts B. Little2008:
50 Circular Hall Transducer for Accurate Contactless Angular Position Sensing L. Sache, S. Reymond, P. Kejik, M. Sjöholm, D. Bommottet, V. Gass, L. Gaillard, R. Popovic2008:
51 Lessons Learned Designing a Spherical Satellite Release Mechanism R. Hevner2008:
52 Wear Life Testing of a Mission Critical Separation Interface J. Wood, J. de la Fuente2008:
53 Launch Lock Mechanism Design Fault Tree Use and Coatings Study D. Villa, G. Toledo2008:
54 Scanning System Development and Associated Bearing Cage Instability Issue M. Schmid, C. Hehr2008:
55 Space Shuttle Orbiter Atlantis Liquid Oxygen Pre-Valve Detent Roller Cracking Investigation E. Holleman, D. Eddleman, R. Jacobs, J. Richard2008:
56 Measuring the EHD Film Thickness in a Rotating Ball Bearing P. Ward, A. Leveille, P. Frantz2008:
57 Mars Science Laboratory Rover Mobility Bushing Development B. Riggs2008:
58 A New Structural Bonding Process for Ferromagnetic Sheet Stacking used in Electric Motors (Rotors, Stators…) C. Casteras, B. Bonduelle, F. Martin2008:
59 Evaluation of Perflouropolyether Lubricant Lifetime in the High Stress and High Stress-Cycle Regime for Mars Applications J. Herman, K. Davis2008:
60 Large Scale Magnetostrictive Valve Actuator J. Richard, E. Holleman, D. Eddleman2008:
61 Design and Development of a Miniaturized Double Latching Solenoid Valve for the Sample Analysis at Mars Instrument Suite J. Smith2008:
62 Implications of Underdamped Stepper Mechanism Performance and Damping Solution Methodology S. Brown, S. Starin2008:
63 Linear High-Force "Step and Repeat" Piezoelectric Motors J. Paine, M. Johns, J. Sesler, M. Stefanick, J. Kennedy2008:
64 Development of a Forced Oscillation System for Measuring Dynamic Derivatives of Fluidic Vehicles B. Trieu, T. Tyler , B. Stewart, J. Charnock, D. Fisher, E. H. Heim, J. Brandon, S. Grafton2006:
65 Planetary Airplane Extraction System Development and Subscale Testing J. Teter Jr2006:
66 “Digital” SMA-Based Trailing Edge Tab Actuators for Aerospace Applications R. McKillip Jr2006:
67 Come-Along Tool Development for Telerobotic In-Space Servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope J. Penn2006:
68 Radarsat Range Adjustment Mechanism Design X. Zhang, S. Riendeau2006:
69 Mechanism Development, Testing, and Lessons Learned for the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device C. Lamoreaux, M. Landeck2006:
70 Mars Exploration Rover Potentiometer Problems, Failures and Corrective Actions M. Balzer2006:
71 Effect of Test Environment on Lifetime of Two Vacuum Lubricants Determined by Spiral Orbit Tribometry S. Pepper2006:
72 Influence of Oil Lubrication on Spacecraft Bearing Thermal Conductance Y. Takeuchi, M. Eby, B. Blake, S. Demsky, J. Dickey2006:
73 Bearing Development for a Rocket Engine Gimbal C. Neugebauer, M. Falkner, L. Supper, G. Traxler2006:
74 Space Shuttle Body Flap Actuator Bearing Testing for NASA Return to Flight T. Jett, R. Predmore, M. Dube, W. Jones, Jr2006:
75 Development Tests of a Cryogenic Filter Wheel Assembly for the NIRCam Instrument S. McCully, C. Clark, M. Schermerhorn, F. Trojanek, M. O’Hara, J. Williams, J. Thatcher2006:
76 Cryogenic Nano-Actuator for JWST R. Warden2006:
77 JWST NIRSpec Cryogenic Light Shield Mechanism K. Hale, R. Sharma2006:
78 Lessons Learned From the Windsat BAPTA Design and On-Orbit Anomalies S. Koss, S. Woolaway2006:
79 Design of the ATMS Scan Drive Mechanism C. Allmon, D. Putnam2006:
80 Mechanical Design of a Multi-Axis Martian Seismometer F. Pécal, N. Paulin, D. Mimoun, G. Pont2006:
81 Commercial off-the-shelf Components in Reaction Wheels A. Haslehurst2006:
82 Torque Loss and Stress Relaxation in Constant Torque Springs R. Postma2006:
83 Design and Testing of a Low Shock Discrete Point Spacecraft Separation System P. Woll, D. Oxe2006:
84 Faying Surface Lubrication Effects on Nut Factors D. Taylor, R. Morrison2006:
85 Development, Pre-qualification and Application of an Active Bearing Preload System S. Lewis, M. Humphries2006:
86 Development of a Dual Mode D-Strut® Vibration Isolator for a Laser Communication Terminal D. Ruebsamen, J. Boyd, J. Vecera, R. Nagel2006:
87 Lessons Learned From the Development, Operation, and Review of Mechanical Systems on the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Payloads A. Dinsel, W. Jermstad, B. Robertson2006:
88 Reliability and Fault Tolerance in ISS Thermofoil Spaceflight Heaters V. Bolton2006:
89 Summary of the New AIAA Moving Mechanical Assemblies Standard B. Gore2006:
90 SoftRide Vibration and Shock Isolation Systems that Protect Spacecraft from Launch Dynamic Environments C. Johnson, P. Wilke, S. Pendleton2006:
91 Heritage Adoption Lessons Learned: Cover Deployment and Latch Mechanism J. Wincentsen2006:
92 Problems and Product Improvements in a Qualified, Flight Heritage Product C. Lazansky, S. Christiansen2006:
93 Stacer Driven Deployment: The Stereo Impact Boom R. Ullrich, J. McCauley, P. Turin, K. McKee, B. Donokowski2006:
94 Gear Teeth Particles and Bearing Failures W. Greenwood, J. Dabling2006:
95 Failure of Harmonic Gears During Verification of a Two-Axis Gimbal for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Spacecraft M. Johnson, R. Gehling, R. Head2006:
96 The CRISM Motor/Encoder Assembly and Diaphragm Bearing Assembly Design J. Lees, E. Schaefer2006:
97 Precision Linear Actuators for the Spherical Primary Optical Telescope Demonstration Mirror J. Budinoff, D.Pfenning2006:
98 Development of a Low-Cost Fine Steering Mirror S. Wassom, M. Davidson2008:
99 Cryogenic Focus Mechanism for the Spitzer Space Telescope W. Schade2008:
100 Development of a Spacecraft Antenna Pointing Gimbal C. Monroe, P. Rossoni2008:
101 A Description of Mechanisms used in the Low Resolution Airglow & Aurora Spectrograh P. Kalmanson, R. Starks, S. Thonnard, K. Dymond2004:
102 STEREO/SECCHI Conronagraph Hollow-Core Motor Development and Testing A. Moore, A. Price, D. Akin, R. Horber2004:
103 Design and Development of the Primary and Secondary Mirror Deployment Systems for the Cryogenic JWST P. Reynolds, C. Atkinson, L. Gilman2004:
104 A Boresight Adjustment Mechanisms for use on Laser Altimeters C. Hakun, J. Budinoff, G. Brown, F. Parong, A. Morell2004:
105 Deployment Mechanism for the Space Technology 5 Micro Satellite P. Rossoni, C. Cooperrider, G. Durback2004:
106 Development of a Strain Energy Deployable Boom for the Space Technology 5 Mission S. Meyers, J. Sturm2004:
107 Latch-up Anomaly Study for Reflector Deployment of INSAT-2E Satellite G. Nagesh, S. Ravindran, N. Bhat2004:
108 A Strain Free Lock and Release Mechanism for an Elastically Suspended Two-Axis Gimbal A. Asadurian, R. Pugh, J. Hammond2004:
109 Force and Torque Margins for Complex Mechanical Systems R. Postma2004:
110 Establishing Adequate Performance Margin for Space Flight Stepper Motor Mechanisms D. Marks2004:
111 HST Solar Array 3 Latches M. Garrah2004:
112 Lessons Learned on Cryogenic Rocket Engine's Gimbal Bearing Lubrication Selection C. Neugebauer, M. Falkner2004:
113 The Integration of a Load Limiter to an Orbiter Over-Center Mechanism A. Gilmore, T. Rupp2004:
114 Minimizing Torque Disturbance of Stepper Motors J. Sprunck2004:
115 SARA21 - A New Rotary Actuator for Space Applications O. Secheresse, L. Cadiergues, J. Rabin2004:
116 Rolamite Joints for Spacecraft Subsystem Vibration Isolation G. Compton, M. Botke2004:
117 Free Space Optical Communications System Pointer M. Rosheim, G. Sauter2004:
118 Space Applications of MEMS: Initial Vacuum Test Results from the SwRI Vacuum Microprobe Facility P. Valek, D. McComas, G. Miller, J. Mitchell, S. Pope2004:
119 The Challenges of Designing the Rocker-Bogie Suspension for the Mars Exploration Rover B. Harrington, C. Voorhees2004:
120 Deployment Process, Mechanization, and Testing for the Mars Exploration Rovers T. Iskenderian2004:
121 Development of Mars Exploration Rover Lander Petal Actuators B. Sharif, E. Joscelyn2004:
122 Brake Failure from Residual Magnetism in the Mars Exploration Rover Lander Petal Actuator L. Jandura2004:
123 High Gain Antenna Gimbal for the 2003-2004 Mars Exploration Rover Program J. Sokul, S. Krishnan, L. Ayari2004:
124 A Low Mass Translation Mechanism for Planetary FTIR Spectrometry using an Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor M. Heverly, S. Dougherty, G. Toon, A. Soto, J. Blavier2004:
125 Pancam Mast Assembly on Mars Rover R. Warden, M. Cross, D. Harvison2004:
126 Rock Abrasian Tool T. Myrick, K. Davis, J. Wilson2004:
127 Review of International Space Station Mechanical System Anomalies D. McCann2004:
128 Space Station Berthing Mechanism R. Foster, J. Cook, P. Smudde, M. Henry2004:
129 Life of Scanner Bearings with Four Space Liquid Lubricants D. Bazinet, M. Espinosa, S. Loewenthal, L. Gschwender, W. Jones, Jr., R. Predmore2004:
130 Mechanism Analysis and Verification Approach for ISS Truss Assembly W. Bruner, C. Enriquez, S. Thampi2004:
131 Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensor Post-Flight Bearing Inspection J. Pellicciotti, S. Lowenthal, W. Jones, Jr., M. Jumper2004:
132 Effect of Test Atmosphere on Moving Mechanical Assembly Test Performance D. Carre, P. Bertrand2004:
133 The X-38 V-201 Fin Fold Actuation Mechanism C. Lupo, B. Robertson, G. Gaffa2004:
134 The X-38 V-201 Flap Actuator Mechanism J. Hagen, L. Moore, J. Estes, C. Layer2004:
135 Development of Brushed and Brushless DC Motors for use in the ExoMars Drilling and Sampling Mechanism R. Phillips, M. Palladino, C. Courtois2012:
136 Rotary Percussive Sample Acquisition Tool (SAT): Hardware Development and Testing K. Klein, M. Badescu, N. Haddad, L. Shiraishi, P. Walkemeyer2012:
137 Lock & Release Mechanism for the CHOMIK Penetrator Device and its Tribological Properties M. Dobrowolski, J. Grygorczuk2012:
138 Harmonic Driveâ„¢ Gear Material Selection and Life Testing J. Mobley, J. Parker2012:
139 New Supplier – Hardware Duplication – Some Pitfalls E. Joscelyn2012:
140 Development of the Vibration Isolation System for the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device J. Niebuhr, R. Hagen2012:
141 Passive Thrust Oscillation Mitigation for the CEV Crew Pallet System M. Sammons, C. Powell, J. Pellicciotti, R. Buehrle, K. Johnson2012:
142 The Damper Spring Unit of the Sentinel 1 Solar Array F. Doejaaren, M. Ellenbroek2012:
143 Ultra-low-weight Rotary Actuator for Operation on Mars and Pin Puller Mechanism Based on a Novel Shape Memory Alloy Technology N. Nava, M. Collado, F. Alvarez, R. Cabás, J. San Juan, S. Patti, J.-M. Lautier2012:
144 Design and Performance of the Telescopic Tubular Mast M. Mobrem, C. Spier2012:
145 Development of Variable Reluctance Resolver for Position Feedback G. Leibovich, S. Senanian2012:
146 FeF3 Catalytic Influence on PFPE Lubricants Lifetime under Loaded Conditions L. Gaillard, A. Mariot, C. Fotea, R. Holzbauer2012:
147 Trade Studies for a High Torque Density Planetary Gearbox J. Mobley2012:
148 Single Motion Actuated Shape Memory Alloy Coupling A. Perez, J. Newman, M. Romano2012:
149 Development and Testing of a High Compact Stepper Motor Mechanism J. Schmidt, G. Wright2012:
150 Cryogenic Temperature Testing of NEA Fuse Wire Mechanism E. Vega, G. Kaczynski2012:
151 Developmental Testing of Electric Thrust Vector Control Systems for Manned Launch Vehicle Applications L. Bates, D. Young2012:
152 Development of High Temperature High Current Contact Technology in Slipring Assemblies for the BepiColombo MPO & MTM Spacecrafts F. Rottmeier, M. Krummen, M. Miler 2012:
153 Lessons Learned to Avoid Coax Cable Failure in Moving Mechanical Mechanisms S. Pirnack2012:
154 DLR’s Dynamic Actuator Modules for Robotic Space Applications A. Wedler, M. Chalon, K. Landzettel, M. Görner, E. Krämer, R. Gruber, A. Beyer, H-J. Sedlmayr, B. Willberg, W. Bertleff, J. Reill, M. Grebenstein, M. Schedl, A. Albu-Schäffer, G. Hirzinger2012:
155 Mars Science Laboratory Rover Integrated Pump Assembly Bellows Jamming Failure M. Johnson, J. Johnson, G. Birur, P. Bhandari, P. Karlmann2012:
156 Development of the Descent Brake Mechanism for the Mars Science Laboratory D. Dowen, J. Moser, J. Mobley2012:
157 Mars Science Laboratory Differential Restraint: The Devil is in the Details E. Jordan2012:
158 Mars Science Laboratory’s Dust Removal Tool K. Davis, J. Herman, M. Maksymuk, J. Wilson, P. Chu, K. Burke, L. Jandura, K. Brown2012:
159 A Zoom Lens for the MSL Mast Cameras: Mechanical Design and Development D. DiBiase, J. Bardis, R. Billing2012:
160 Wet Chemistry Automated Sample Processing System (WASP) J. Soto, J. Lasnik, S. Roark, L. Beegle2012:
161 Refinement of a Low-Shock Separation System C. Lazansky2012:
162 Ares I Linear Mate Umbilical Plate and Collet W. Manley, G. Tamasy, P. Maloney2012:
163 GMI Spin Mechanism Assembly Design, Development, and Test Results S. Woolaway, M. Kubitscheck, B. Berdanier, D. Newell, C. Dayton, J. Pellicciotti2012:
164 Lessons Learned from the TIRS Instrument Mechanisms Development J. Budinoff, R. Barclay, J. Basl, K. Bergandy, T. Capon, B. Drake, M. Hersh, C. Hormann, E. Lee, A. Matuszeski, A. Nerses, K. Pellak, K. Pope, J. Schepis, T. Sholar2012:
165 Resolution for Fretting Wear Contamination on Cryogenic Mechanism C. Clark2012:
166 Design and Manufacturing Considerations for Shockproof and Corrosion-Immune Superelastic Nickel-Titanium Bearings for a Space Station Application C. DellaCorte, W. Wozniak2012:
167 Wear of Steel Ti6Al4V in Vacuum T. Krantz, I. Shareef2012:
168 Angular Runout Test Setup for High-Precision Ball Bearings S. Miller, J. Wood, S. Loewenthal2012:
169 LightSail-1 Solar Sail Design and Qualification C. Biddy, T. Svitek2012:
170 A Novel Release Mechanism Employing the Principle of Differential Coefficients of Thermal Expansion C. Apland, D. Persons, D. Weir, M. Marley2012:
171 A Nichrome Burn Wire Release Mechanism for CubeSats A. Thurn, S. Huynh, S. Koss, P. Oppenheimer, S. Butcher, J. Schlater, P. Hagan2012:
172 Antenna Deployment Mechanism for the Cubesat Xatcobeo. Lessons, Evolution and Final Design J. Vilán Vilán, M. López Estévez, F. Aguado Agele2012:
173 An Innovative Aperture Cover Mechanism used on SDO/EVE and MMS/SDP Stephen Steg, William Vermeer, Scott Tucker, Heather Pass2014:
174 Metering Wheel-Wire Track Wire Boom Deployment Mechanism Mark S. Granoff2014:
175 Development of Cryogenic Filter Wheels for the HERSCHEL Photodetector Array Camera & Spectrometer (PACS) Christian Körner, Dirk Kampf, Albrecht Poglitsch, Josef Schubert, U. Ruppert,, M. Schoele2014:
176 Development and Preliminary Testing of a High Precision Long Stroke Slit Change Mechanism for the SPICE Instrument Gabriel Paciotti, Martin Humphries, Fabrice Rottmeier, Luc Blecha2014:
177 High Gain Antenna System Deployment Mechanism Integration, Characterization, and Lessons Learned Fil Parong, Blair Russell, Walter Garcen, Chris Rose, Chris Johnson, Craig Huber2014:
178 In-Orbit Performance of the MWRI Scanning Mechanisms Manfred Schmid, Miao Jun, Yu Shuang2014:
179 Launch Load Resistant Spacecraft Mechanism Bearings Made From NiTi Superelastic Intermetallic Materials Christopher DellaCorte, Lewis E. Moore III2014:
180 Reducing Wear of Steel Rolling Against Ti6Al4V Operating in Vacuum Timothy L. Krantz2014:
181 Wear Potential due to Low EHD Films during Elevated Temperatures Alan Leveille, Peter Ward2014:
182 Observations of Spacecraft Bearing Lubricant Redistribution Based on Thermal Conductance Measurements Yoshimi R. Takeuchi, Peter P. Frantz, Michael R. Hilton2014:
183 A Study on the Effects of Ball Defects on the Fatigue Life in Hybrid Bearings Ching-Yao (Tony) Tang, Chad E. Foerster, Michael J. O’Brien, Brian S. Hardy, Vinay K. Goyal, Benjamin A. Nelson, Ernest Y. Robinson, Peter C. Ward, Michael R. Hilton2014:
184 Design and Test of a Deployable Radiation Cover for the Regolith X-ray Imaging Spectrometer David B. Carte, Niraj K. Inamdar, Michael P. Jones, Rebecca A. Masterson2014:
185 Bi-Axial Solar Array Drive Mechanism: Design, Build and Environmental Testing Noémy Scheidegger, Mark Ferris, Nigel Phillips2014:
186 Advances in Current Rating Techniques for Flexible Printed Circuits Ron Hayes2014:
187 Design of 3D-Printed Titanium Compliant Mechanisms Ezekiel G. Merriam, Jonathan E. Jones,, Larry L. Howell2014:
188 Magnetic Gearing versus Conventional Gearing in Actuators for Aerospace Applications Gregor Puchhammer2014:
189 Flight Testing of a Low Cost De-Orbiting Device for Small Satellites Dana Turse, Phil Keller, Robert Taylor, Mark Reavis, Mike Tupper, Chris Koehler2014:
190 Deployment Methods for an Origami-Inspired Rigid-Foldable Array Shannon A. Zirbel, Brian P. Trease, Spencer P. Magleby, Larry L. Howell2014:
191 ROPEC – ROtary PErcussive Coring Drill for Mars Sample Return Philip Chu, Justin Spring, Kris Zacny2014:
192 Aperture Valve for the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) Charles Engler, John Canham2014:
193 Development of the RANCOR Rotary-Percussive Coring System for Mars Sample Return Gale Paulsen, Stephen Indyk, Kri2014:
194 Torque Tension Testing of Fasteners used for NASA Flight Hardware Applications Ed Hemminger, Alan Posey, Michael Du2014:
195 Ultrasonic Method for Deployment Mechanism Bolt Element Preload Verification Eric C. Johnson, Yong M. Kim, Fred A. Morris, Joel Mitchell, Robert B. Pan2014:
196 LARES Mission: Separation and Retention Subsystem Alessandro Bursi, Pierluigi Camilli, Claudio Piredda, Gianni Babini, Elio Mangraviti2014:
197 Testing Orion’s Fairing Separation System Henry Martinez, Chris Cloutier, Heber Lemmon, Daniel Rakes, Joe Oldham, Keith Schlagel2014:
198 Design and Lessons Learned on the Development of a Cryogenic Pupil Select Mechanism used in the Testing and Calibration of the Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Alissa Mitchell, Thomas Capon, Jeffrey Guzek, Claef Hakun, Paul Haney, Corina Koca2014:
199 GMI Instrument Spin Balance Method, Optimization, Calibration and Test Laoucet Ayari, Michael Kubitschek, Gunnar Ashton, Steve Johnston, Dave Debevec, David Newell, Joseph Pellicciotti2014:
200 The European Robotic Arm: A High-Performance Mechanism Finally on its way to Space H.J. Cruijssen, M. Ellenbroek, M. Henderson, H. Petersen, P. Verzijden, M. Visser2014:
201 GPM Solar Array Gravity Negated Deployment Testing Jonathan Penn, Chris Johnson, Jesse Lewis, Trevin Dear, Alphonso Stewart2014:
202 A Recommended New Approach on Motorization Ratio Calculations of Stepper Motors Ruben Nalbandian, Thierry Blais, Richard Horth2014:
203 Magnetic Gearboxes for Aerospace Applications Jose Luis Perez-Diaz, Efren Diez-Jimenez, Marco Antonio Alvarez-Valenzuela, Juan Sanchez-García-Casarrubios, Christian Cristache, Ignacio Valiente-Blanco2014:
204 Primer – Stepper Motor Nomenclature, Definition, Performance and Recommended Test Methods Scott Starin, Cutter Shea2014:
205 Development Testing and Subsequent Failure Investigation of a Spring Strut Mechanism Jared Dervan, Brandan Robertson, Lucas Staab, Michael Culberson, Joseph Pellicciotti2014:
206 Development of a Tendon-Actuated Lightweight In-Space MANipulator(TALISMAN) William R. Doggett, John T. Dorsey, Thomas C. Jones, Bruce King2014:
207 The Use, Evolution and Lessons Learnt of Deployable Static Solar Array Mechanisms Mark Ferris, Andrew Haslehurst2014:
208 Deployment Mechanism for Thermal Pointing System Kraig Koski2014:
209 ISS Ammonia Pump Failure, Recovery, and Lesson Learned – A Hydrodynamic Bearing Perspective Robert J. Bruckner, Richard A. Manco II2014:
210 Wide Range Vacuum Pumps for the SAM Instrument on the MSL Curiosity Rover Paul Sorensen, Robert Kline-Schoder, Rodger Farley2014:
211 SLM Produced Hermetically Sealed Isolation Valve James Richard2014:
212 DRAGON - 8U Nanosatellite Orbital Deployer Marcin Dobrowolski, Jerzy Grygorczuk, Bartosz Kedziora, Marta Tokarz, Maciej Borys2014:
213 Mechanism Design and Testing of a Self-Deploying Structure Using Flexible Composite Tape Springs Joseph N. Footdale, Thomas W. Murphey2014:
214 Innovative Escapement-Based Mechanism for Micro-Antenna Boom Deployment Marta Tokarz, Jerzy Grygorczuk, Stanislaw Jarzynka, Henryk Gut2014:
215 Design and Functional Validation of a Mechanism for Dual-Spinning CubeSats Eric Peters, Pratik Dave, Ryan Kingsbury, Anne Marinan, Evan Wise, Chris Pong, Meghan Prinkey, Kerri Cahoy, David W. Miller, Devon Sklair, Joshua Emig, William J. Blackwell, G. Allen, C. Galbraith, R. Leslie, I. Osaretin, M. Shields, E. Thompson, D. 2014:
216 Piezoelectric Actuators and Future Motors for Cryogenic Applications in Space Christian Belly, Francois Barillot & Fabien Dubois2016:
217 Development of a Deployment and Latching Mechanism for a Pointing System on the Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) for Goddard Space Flight Center Robert Berning & John Holzinger2016:
218 ATLAS Beam Steering Mechanism (BSM) Lessons Learned Ken Blumenstock, Alexander Cramer, Alan Gostin, Claef Hakun, Paul Haney, Matthew Hinkle, Kenneth Lee, Carlos Lugo, Adam Matuszeski, Armando Morell, Nerses Armani, Joseph Bonafede, Molly Jackson, Peter Steigner & Juan Stromsdörfer2016:
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220 Suomi-NPP Mission On-orbit Experience with Toroid Ball Bearing Retainers under Unidirectional and Reversing Motion Otto Bruegman, Kamal Thakore, Stu Loewenthal & John Cymerman2016:
221 Design Development of a Combined Deployment and Pointing System for the International Space Station Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer Telescope Jason Budinoff, Keith Gendreau, Zaven Arzoumanian, Charles Baker, Robert Berning, Todd Colangelo, John Holzinger, Jesse Lewis, Alice Liu, Alissa Mitchell, Chuck Monroe, Richard Pugh & Roger Willey2016:
222 Development of a Self-latching Hold-down RElease Kinematic (SHREK) Ruggero Cassanelli2016:
223 Development of Compact Mechanically Driven Systems for High Strain Composite Slit-Tubes Bruce Davis & Mark Lake2016:
224 Challenges of Designing a 13-Hz High-Load Vibration Isolation System with Tight Volume Constraints: Lessons Learnt and Path Forward Stella Dearing & Dale Ruebsamen2016:
225 Failure Analysis and Recovery of a 50-mm Highly Elastic Intermetallic NiTi Ball Bearing for an ISS Application Christopher DellaCorte, S. Adam Howard & Lewis Moore III2016:
226 Development of a High-Performance, Low-Profile Translation Table with Wire Feedthrough for a Deep Space CubeSat Alex Few2016:
227 The Dynamic Particle Generation of Lubricating Greases for use in Space Mechanisms Jason Galary2016:
228 A Multi-Sectioning, Reconfigurable Electromagnetic Hammering Propulsion for Mole Penetrators Jerzy Grygorczuk, Bartosz Kedziora, Lukasz Wisniewski, Marta Tokarz, J. Krasowski, Krzysztof Bienkowski, M. Drogosz, R. Graczyk & Marcin Dobrowolski2016:
229 Development of a Magneto-Resistive Angular Position Sensor for Space Mechanisms Robert Hahn, Tilo Schmidt, Klaus Seifart, Bastian Olberts & Fernando Romera2016:
230 Ball Bearing Analysis with the ORBIS Tool Jacob Halpin2016:
231 Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Single Crystal Wires with High Transformation Temperature Alain Hautcoeur, Florian Fouché & Jacques Sicre2016:
232 Prevailing Torque Locking Feature in Threaded Fasteners using Anaerobic Adhesive Alan Hernandez & Daniel Hess2016:
233 Degradation of Sputter-Deposited Nanocomposite MoS2 Coatings for NIRCam during Storage in Air Jeffrey Lince, Stuart Loewenthal & Charles Clark2016:
234 A New Architecture for Absolute Optical Encoders Timothy Malcolm, John Beasley & Mike Jumper2016:
235 Extended Life Testing of Duplex Ball Bearings Jeffrey Mobley, Michael Robertson & Charles Hodges2016:
236 Digital Image Correlation for Performance Monitoring Miguel Palaviccini, Dan Turner & Michael Herzberg2016:
237 Development and Testing of a “Backlash-Free“ Gas-Tight High-Precision Sample Dosing Mechanism for the ExoMars 2018 Rover Daniel Redlich, Robert Paul, Sebastian Ott, Lutz Richter, Quirin Mühlbauer, Markus Thiel, Tim Tattusch, Harald Weisz, Fabio Musso & Stephen Durrant2016:
238 Mechanisms Design for the S5P-TROPOMI Instrument Erik Tabak, Jan de Vreugd, Dorus de Lange & Frits van der Knaap2016:
239 James Webb Space Telescope Deployment Brushless DC Motor Characteristics Analysis Anh Tran2016:
240 Deployment System for Three Axis CubeSat Electric Field Instrument Dana Turse, Larry Adams & Chris Esser2016:
241 Use of Volute Springs in Space Applications Chris Floyd, Ian Bournelis & Cary Clark2016:
242 Realization and Testing of the In Field Pointing Mechanism for the Evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna Gert Witvoet & Jet Human2016:
243 APM for a Constellation Intersatellite Link – EM Qualification and Lessons Learned Frank Härtel & Horst Kozilek2016:
244 Tests on the Ductility of Stainless Steel and Titanium Alloy Aerospace Fasteners Jarrod Whittaker & Daniel Hess2016:
245 Design and Development of NEA Scout Solar Sail Deployer Mechanism Alexander Sobey & Tiffany Russell Lockett2016:
246 Development and Testing of a Bi-Stable Actuator based on a High Transition Temperature Shape Memory Alloy Gabriel Paciotti, Jacques-Eric Bidaux, Hervé Girard, Fabrice Rottmeier & Luc Blecha2016:
247 Development and Testing of a High-Precision Position and Attitude Measuring System for a Space Mechanism Nikolay Khanenya, Gabriel Paciotti, Eugenio Forzani & Luc Blecha2016:
248 Electrical Noise Performance of Gold-on-Gold Slip Rings Ron Hayes, Erik Mumm & Kyle Gotthelf2016:
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250 Holding Brakes for Space Mechanisms with Minimum Power Requirement Ted Hopper, Christoph Stuckmann, Scott Starin & Walter Whitehead2016:
251 Microspine Gripping Mechanism for Asteroid Capture Ezekiel Merriam, Andrew Berg, Andrew Willig, Aaron Parness, Tim Frey & Larry Howell2016:
252 MOPITT Mechanisms – 16 Years In-Orbit Operation on TERRA Andrew Gibson, Florian Nichitiu, Dwight Caldwell, John Hackett, Robert Deschambault & James Drummond2016:
253 Slip Ring Electrical Anomalies Found After Protoflight Vibration Testing Troy Nilson, Scott Christiansen & Chad Hebert2016:
254 State-of-the-Art Reaction Wheel Optimization for Fine-Pointing Space Platforms: Minimizing Induced Vibration Impacts On Hubble Space Telescope Jitter Performance Martin Hasha2016:
255 Tape Hinge/Lenticular Strut Hinge Qualification and Evolution Donald Gibbons2016:
256 Testing and Measurement of Mechanism-Induced Disturbances Laoucet Ayari, Michael Kubitschek, Gunnar Ashton, Eric Marquardt & Steve Johnston2016:
257 Investigation of Bolt Preload Relaxation for JWST Thermal Heat Strap Assembly Joints with Aluminum-1100 and Indium Gaskets Andrew Bartoszyk, Thomas Walsh, Jody Davis, Jason Krom, Patrick Williams, Jason Hylan & Edgar Hemminger2018:
258 A Discussion of Friction Anomaly Signatures in Response to Electrical Discharge in Ball Bearings William Bialke2018:
259 Use and Advantages of Direct-Drive Brushless DC Actuators for Precision Instrument Pointing of the Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor Patrick Brown, Andrew Engelmann & Ryan Lewis2018:
260 High Speed Bearing Wear Rate Measurements for Spacecraft Active Thermal Control Fluid Pumps with a Novel Pin on Disk Apparatus Robert J. Bruckner & Richard A. Manco II2018:
261 Hybrid Lubrication of PFPE Fluids and Sputtered MoS2 Michael Buttery, Anthony Kent, Dave Forster & Achilleas Vortselas2018:
262 Mechanism Design & Flight Build of Furled High Strain Composite Antenna for CubeSats Bruce Davis, Ryan VanHalle, Kevin Cox & Will Francis2018:
263 Capture Latch Assembly for the NASA Docking System Brandon Dick, Nathan Mauch & Timothy Rupp2018:
264 Testing and Maturing a Mass Translating Mechanism for a Deep Space CubeSat Alex Few, Tiffany Lockett, Richard Wilson, David Boling & Erik Loper2018:
265 Testing and Development of the NEA Scout Solar Sail Deployer Mechanism Alex Few, Tiffany Lockett, Richard Wilson & David Boling2018:
266 Efficacy of Lead Naphthenate for Wear Protection in Mixed Lubrication Regime Jason T. Galary2018:
267 Design and Development of CubeSat Solar Array Deployment Mechanisms Using Shape Memory Alloys Allen Guzik & Othmane Benafan2018:
268 Lessons Learned in the Flight Qualification of the S-NPP and NOAA-20 Solar Array Mechanisms Daniel Helfrich & Adam Sexton2018:
269 Validation and Test Results of the 2.5D Technology for Pancake Slip Rings Mélanie Henry & Sandro Liberatoscioli2018:
270 Quantifying Threaded Fastener Locking Daniel P. Hess & Christopher DellaCorte2018:
271 Dynamic Behavior of Ball Bearings under Axial Vibration Virgil Hinque & René Seiler2018:
272 Reliability Calculation Methodologies for Mechanisms and Actuators Tanner Horne & Evan Harrington2018:
273 Determining Root Causes of Mysterious Hardware Failures using High Resolution CT Scanning Michael R. Johnson2018:
274 Compliant Mechanisms Re-Design based on Additive Manufacturing and Topology Optimization Lionel Kiener, Hervé Saudan, Gérald Perruchoud & Johan Kruis2018:
275 Performance of MoS2 Coated Gears Exposed to Humid Air during Storage Timothy Krantz, Claef Hakun, Zachary Cameron, Iqbal Shareef & Michael Dube2018:
276 Solving a Performance Limiting Resonance Frequency Problem of the SOFIA Secondary Mirror Mechanism by Structural Modifications Yannick Lammen, Andreas Reinacher & Alfred Krabbe2018:
277 Failure of the Ball-Lock Mechanism on the NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer Michael Lewis & Conor Brown2018:
278 Accelerated Testing of Tribological Components - Uncertainties and Solutions Simon Lewis, Mike Buttery, Oliver Poyntz-Wright, Anthony Kent & Achilleas Vortsellas2018:
279 Spacecraft Common Deployable Boom Hinge Deploy and Latching Mechanisms Paul Lytal & Marcel Renson2018:
280 NASA Docking System Block 1: NASA’s New Direct Electric Docking System Supporting ISS and Future Human Space Exploration Justin McFatter, Karl Keiser & Timothy Rupp2018:
281 Non-Pyrotechnic Multi-Point Release Mechanisms for Spacecraft Release Ambrosio Mejia, John Sudick & Geoff Kaczynski2018:
282 Qualification of a Networked Pyrotechnic Initiation System for the CST-100 Starliner Spacecraft David Novotney, Craig Boucher, Joseph Smith, Robert Morlath & Hervens Beauge2018:
283 An Improved Solid Lubricant for Bearings Operating in Space and Terrestrial Environments Arindam Paul, Harpal Singh, Kalyan C. Mutyala & G.L. Doll2018:
284 The Regolith and Ice Drill for Exploration of New Terrains (TRIDENT); a One-Meter Drill for the Lunar Resource Prospector Mission Gale Paulsen, Zachary Mank, Alexander Wang, Paul Chow, Cody Hyman, Thomas Thomas, Allen Lee, Kris Zacny, James Smith, Jacqueline Quinn, Erik Mumm & Ron Hayes2018:
285 Enhanced Vibration Isolation Using a Magnetic Linear Gear for Highly Demanding Aerospace Applications José Luis Perez-Diaz, Ignacio Valiente-Blanco, Juan Sanchez García-Casarrubios, Cristian Cristache, Fernando Rodriguez-Celis, Judit Esnoz-Larraya, Efrén Diez-Jimenez & José Luis Perez-Alamo2018:
286 Mechanisms and New Space Bill Purdy2018:
287 Environmental Chamber Testing of a Rock Sampling Drill for Venus Exploration Fredrik Rehnmark, Evan Cloninger, Cody Hyman, Jameil Bailey, Nick Traeden, Kris Zacny, Kristopher Kriechbaum, Joseph Melko, Brian Wilcox, Jeffery Hall & Kristopher Sherrill2018:
288 Development of the Multi-Purpose Transportation System for the Space Launch System Core Stage Flight Article Sarah Sandridge, Hue Lien, Ronald Hunt, Ayana Reese & Christopher Doktor2018:
289 Lessons Learned from a Deployment Mechanism for a Ka-band Deployable Antenna for CubeSats Jonathan Sauder, Nacer Chahat, Richard Hodges, Eva Peral, Yahya Rahmat-Samii & Mark Thomson2018:
290 The Design & Development of the Ocean Color Instrument Precision Superduplex Hybrid Bearing Cartridge Joseph Schepis, Timothy Woodard, Claef Hakun, Konrad Bergandy, Joseph Church, Peter Ward, Michael Lee, Alfred Conti & Jeffrey Guzek2018:
291 Precision High-Strain Composite Hinges for Deployable Space Telescopes Mark Silver & Michael Echter2018:
292 A Mechanisms Perspective on Microvibration – Good Practices and Lessons Learned Geert Smet & Sandro Patti2018:
293 Development of the NEA Mini for Low Load Applications John Sudick & Geoff Kaczynski2018:
294 Evaluation of Friction Characteristics and Low Friction Mechanism of Tungsten Disulfide for Space Solid Lubricant at Elevated Temperature in a Vacuum Ayaka Takahashi, Josaphat Tetuko S S & Keizo Hashimoto2018:
295 Validation of a Novel High Performance Magnetic Gearbox for Space Ignacio Valiente-Blanco, Judit Esnoz-Larraya, Efrén Diez-Jimenez, Juan Sanchez García-Casarrubios, Cristian Cristache, Fernando Rodriguez-Celis & José Luis Perez-Diaz2018:
296 Scroll Compressor for Mars Atmospheric Acquisition John Wilson, Bryce Shaffer & Ted Iskenderian2018:
297 KaRIn Alignment Mechanism Design, Development and Testing John Luke Wolff2018:
298 Solar Array Drive Assembly Qualification Lessons Learned Jonathan Wood & Timothy Pargett2018:
299 The Synchronization Mechanism for Solar Array with a Three-Stage Deployment Zehong Yan, Hongjun Shang, Guowei Zhao, Qiaolong Yang, Jingya Ma & Jianjun Wang2018:
300 Developmental Bearing and Bushing Testing for Mars Gearboxes David Suffern & Jonathan Parker2018:
301 Experimental Method for Determining Ball Bearing Lubricant Quantity Factor Yoshimi R. Takeuchi, Peter P. Frantz & Tim P. Woodard2018:
302 Nanometric Positioning with IASI-NG‘s Beam Splitter Mechanism Actuator Francois Barillot, Jocelyn Rebufa, Gladys Jaussaud & Adrien Guignabert2020:
303 Design and Development of a Robust Chuck Mechanism for the Mars 2020 Coring Drill Anthony Barletta2020:
304 Development of the Next Generation Battery Cell Isolation Switch Ruben Betancourt & Michel Knight2020:
305 Micro-Vibration Attenuation Using Novel Flexible Pivot Design Luc Blecha, Yoël Puyol, Simon Hayoz, Fabrice Rottmeier & Martin Humphries2020:
306 Spectrometer Scan Mechanism for Encountering Jovian Orbit Trojan Asteroids Kenneth Blumenstock, Alexander Cramer, Joseph Church, Jason Niemeyer, Fil Parong, Sam Zhao, Nerses Armani & Kenneth Lee2020:
307 Lessons Learned from Qualification of HDRM for Ultralight LP-PWI Boom for ESA JUICE Mission Maciej Borys, Ewelina Ryszawa, ?ukasz Wi?niewski, Maciej Ossowski & Jerzy Grygorczuk2020:
308 A Fast-Acting Self-Energized, Low-Cost Valve for Air Cannons Lee Brown2020:
309 Development and Post-Testing Anomalies of the Parker Solar Probe Clamshells Development Mark Bryant2020:
310 Mars 2020 Center Differential Pivot Restraint: Flexurized Spring System Providing Compliance for Rover Mobility Deployment Prior to Landing Matt Cameron & Kevin Liu2020:
311 Parker Solar Probe MAG Boom Design, Analysis and Verification Weilun Cheng, Calvin Kee & John Wirzburger2020:
312 Percussion Mechanism for the Mars 2020 Coring Drill Kyle Chrystal2020:
313 Development of a Family of Resettable Hold-Down and Release Actuators based on SMA Technology and Qualification of Different Application Systems Marcelo Collado, Cayetano Rivera, Javier Inés, José San Juan, Charlie Yeates, Michael Anderson, Francisco Javier Rivas, Mónica Iriarte, Jens Steppan, Calem Whiting & Karine Murray2020:
314 Astrobee Free-Flyer Nozzle Mechanism Earl Daley2020:
315 Recovery and Operational Best Practices for Reaction Wheel Bearings Michael Dube, Jeff Fisher, Stuart Loewenthal & Peter Ward2020:
316 Lubricant Degradation in High-Load, High-Cycle Actuator Test Using Heritage Harmonic Drives for the Multi-Angle Imager for Aerosols Instrument Michelle Easter2020:
317 Thermal Vacuum Testing Lessons Learned for Small Stepper Motors and a CubeSat Translation Mechanism Alex Few, Lynn Albritton & Don McQueen2020:
318 Laboratory Studies of Spacecraft Fluid Lubricant Mobility and Film Thickness Peter Frantz, James Helt & Steve Didziulis2020:
319 Efficacy of Lead Naphthenate for Wear Protection in High Vacuum Space Mechanisms Jason Galary2020:
320 Multi-Mission Deployable Boom: Spring Mechanism Design, Failure Investigation, and Resolution Christine Gebara & Paul Lytal2020:
321 Highlights of the Next Generation AIAA Moving Mechanical Assemblies Standard Brian Gore & Leon Gurevich2020:
322 Sealing Station Mechanisms for the Mars 2020 Rover Sample Caching Subsystem Jesse Grimes-York & Sean O’Brien2020:
323 Point Ahead Mechanism for Deep Space Optical Communication – Development of a New Piezo-Based Fine Steering Mirror Adrian Guignabert, Thomas Maillard, Francois Barillot, Olivier Sosnicki & Frank Claeyssen2020:
324 Major Design Choices and Challenges that Enabled the Success of the Ejectable Data Recorder System Jeff Hagen, Michael Burlone & Kristina Rojdev2020:
325 Development of a Low-Shock Payload Fairing Jettison System Boris Halter, Josef Zemann, Simon Wieser, Beatrice Burkhart, Mathias Burkhalter, Alberto Sánchez & Oliver Kunz2020:
326 Compliant Mechanisms Made by Additive Manufacturing Lionel Kiener, Hervé Saudan, Florent Cosandier, Gérald Perruchoud, Vaclav Pejchal, Sébastien Lani & Antoine Verhaeghe2020:
327 NSI Performance Improvement Through the use of Automation Jason Kozmic, Bill Gratzl & Hobin Lee2020:
328 Deployment Mechanism for an Earth Re-Entry Deployable Decelerator Carl Kruger2020:
329 Design and Test of the Orion Crew Module Side Hatch Lance Lininger & Kyle Gotthelf2020:
330 Mars 2020 maxon Commercial Motor Development from Commercial-Off-the-Shelf to Flight-Qualified Motors, Gearboxes, and Detent Brakes: Overcoming Issues and Lessons Learned Michael LoSchiavo, Rebecca Mikhaylov, Robin Phillips & Lynn Braunschweig2020:
331 Microvibrations Modelling and Measurement on Sentinel 4 UVN Calibration Assembly using a Piezoelectric 6 Component Force Dynamometer Benoit Marquet2020:
332 Design, Development, Testing, and Flight of the Crew Dragon Docking System Jaret Matthews, Caitlin Driscoll, Edward Fouad, Andrew Welter, Marc Jamulowicz & Jessica Ipnar2020:
333 Lubrication Concept Evaluated for Geared Actuators under Starved Conditions Erik Nyberg, Ichiro Minami & Jonny Hansen2020:
334 Lessons Learned During the Development, Qualification, and Production of the MM Solar Array Thomas Pace2020:
335 Bearing Anomaly for the Sentinel 6 Supplemental Calibration System Gale Paulsen, Dylan Van Dyne, Fredrik Rehnmark, Phil Chu & Ted Iskenderian2020:
336 Development of a Low-Shock Separation Nut Out of the Pyrotechnic Class Sebastien Perez, Frederic Miralles & François Degryse2020:
337 Flexible Waveguides for RF Transmission across PSP HGA Rotary Actuator Deva Ponnusamy, Weilun Cheng, Ted Hartka, Devin Hahne, Calvin Kee, Mike Marley & David Napolillo2020:
338 Development of a Universal and Scaleable Mechanism Control Electronics Configured to Application Solely by Parameter and Software Configuration Udo Rapp & Juan Camilo Garcia Hernandez2020:
339 Design, Development and Verification of the METimage Mechanisms Sebastian Rieger & Armin Jago2020:
340 Design and Development of the GPM Solar Array Drive Assembly, Orbital Performance and Lessons Learned Alejandro Rivera, Glenn Bock, Alphonso Stewart, Jon Lawrence, Daniel Powers, Gary Brown & Rodger Farley2020:
341 Solid-State Hinge Mechanism for Simple Panel Deployment System Thomas Rose, William Hensley & William Francis2020:
342 Mars 2020 Rover Adaptive Caching Assembly: So Many Challenges Milo Silverman & Justin Lin2020:
343 Mars 2020 Motor Bearing Failure, Investigation and Response Dave Suffern, Jeff Mobley & Stephen Smith2020:
344 STIG: A Two-Speed Transmission Aboard the Mars 2020 Coring Drill Timothy Szwarc, Jonathan Parker & Johannes Kreuser2020:
345 Two-Axis Antenna Pointing Mechanism Qualification for Juice Mission Dual-Band Medium Gain Antenna Jorge Vázquez, Mikel Prieto, Jon Laguna & Antonio Gonzalez2020:
346 Challenges of the Development of a Compliant Focus Mechanism Submitted to the Harsh Martian Environment for the ExoMars Rover Mission Antoine Verhaeghe, Gerald Perruchoud, Philippe Schwab, Mathias Gumy, Julien Rouvinet & Lionel Kiener2020:
347 Eddy Current Effects in Spacecraft Mechanisms Emilia Wegrzyn, Claudia Allegranza, Thomas Adam, Florian Liebold & René Seiler2020:
348 Development of a Solar Array Drive Assembly for CubeSat Mike Passaretti & Ron Hayes2010:
349 Concept, Design, and Prototyping of XSAS: A High Power Extendable Solar Array for CubeSat Applications Patrick Senatore, Andrew Klesh, Thomas Zurbuchen, Darren McKague & James Cutler2010:
350 Xatcobeo: Small Mechanisms for CubeSat Satellites – Antenna and Solar Array Deployment Jose Miguel Encinas Plaza, Jose Antonio Vilán Vilán, Fernando Aguado Agelet, Javier Barandiarán Mancheño, Miguel López Estévez, Cesar Martínez Fernández & Fany Sarmiento Ares 2010:
351 Development and Acceptance Testing of the Dual Wheel Mechanism for the Tunable Filter Imager Cryogenic Instrument on the JWS Martin Leckie & Zakir Ahmad2010:
352 BESST: A Miniature, Modular Radiometer Robert Warden, William Good & Erik Baldwin-Stevens2010:
353 Development of an Actuator for Ambient to Cryo Application Karen Menzel & Hans Jürgen Jung & Jörg Schmidt2010:

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