ams: past papers

ams:past papers

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The Proceedings of AMS are NASA copyright; but the content of the papers are the property of the original authors. Third-parties are allowed to download the papers but are responsible for contacting the individual authors and obtaining separate permission to use images or graphs from the papers.

Extracts may be used in other publications provided they are properly cited and the author(s) of the paper or papers acknowledged as the originators of the work.

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1 A Description of Mechanisms used in the Low Resolution Airglow & Aurora Spectrograh P. Kalmanson, R. Starks, S. Thonnard, K. Dymond2004:NASA
2 STEREO/SECCHI Conronagraph Hollow-Core Motor Development and Testing A. Moore, A. Price, D. Akin, R. Horber2004:NASA
3 Design and Development of the Primary and Secondary Mirror Deployment Systems for the Cryogenic JWST P. Reynolds, C. Atkinson, L. Gilman2004:NASA
4 A Boresight Adjustment Mechanisms for use on Laser Altimeters C. Hakun, J. Budinoff, G. Brown, F. Parong, A. Morell2004:NASA
5 Deployment Mechanism for the Space Technology 5 Micro Satellite P. Rossoni, C. Cooperrider, G. Durback2004:NASA
6 Development of a Strain Energy Deployable Boom for the Space Technology 5 Mission S. Meyers, J. Sturm2004:NASA
7 Latch-up Anomaly Study for Reflector Deployment of INSAT-2E Satellite G. Nagesh, S. Ravindran, N. Bhat2004:NASA
8 A Strain Free Lock and Release Mechanism for an Elastically Suspended Two-Axis Gimbal A. Asadurian, R. Pugh, J. Hammond2004:NASA
9 Force and Torque Margins for Complex Mechanical Systems R. Postma2004:NASA
10 Establishing Adequate Performance Margin for Space Flight Stepper Motor Mechanisms D. Marks2004:NASA
11 HST Solar Array 3 Latches M. Garrah2004:NASA
12 Lessons Learned on Cryogenic Rocket Engine's Gimbal Bearing Lubrication Selection C. Neugebauer, M. Falkner2004:NASA
13 The Integration of a Load Limiter to an Orbiter Over-Center Mechanism A. Gilmore, T. Rupp2004:NASA
14 Minimizing Torque Disturbance of Stepper Motors J. Sprunck2004:NASA
15 SARA21 - A New Rotary Actuator for Space Applications O. Secheresse, L. Cadiergues, J. Rabin2004:NASA
16 Rolamite Joints for Spacecraft Subsystem Vibration Isolation G. Compton, M. Botke2004:NASA
17 Free Space Optical Communications System Pointer M. Rosheim, G. Sauter2004:NASA
18 Space Applications of MEMS: Initial Vacuum Test Results from the SwRI Vacuum Microprobe Facility P. Valek, D. McComas, G. Miller, J. Mitchell, S. Pope2004:NASA
19 The Challenges of Designing the Rocker-Bogie Suspension for the Mars Exploration Rover B. Harrington, C. Voorhees2004:NASA
20 Deployment Process, Mechanization, and Testing for the Mars Exploration Rovers T. Iskenderian2004:NASA
21 Development of Mars Exploration Rover Lander Petal Actuators B. Sharif, E. Joscelyn2004:NASA
22 Brake Failure from Residual Magnetism in the Mars Exploration Rover Lander Petal Actuator L. Jandura2004:NASA
23 High Gain Antenna Gimbal for the 2003-2004 Mars Exploration Rover Program J. Sokul, S. Krishnan, L. Ayari2004:NASA
24 A Low Mass Translation Mechanism for Planetary FTIR Spectrometry using an Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor M. Heverly, S. Dougherty, G. Toon, A. Soto, J. Blavier2004:NASA
25 Pancam Mast Assembly on Mars Rover R. Warden, M. Cross, D. Harvison2004:NASA
26 Rock Abrasian Tool T. Myrick, K. Davis, J. Wilson2004:NASA
27 Review of International Space Station Mechanical System Anomalies D. McCann2004:NASA
28 Space Station Berthing Mechanism R. Foster, J. Cook, P. Smudde, M. Henry2004:NASA
29 Life of Scanner Bearings with Four Space Liquid Lubricants D. Bazinet, M. Espinosa, S. Loewenthal, L. Gschwender, W. Jones, Jr., R. Predmore2004:NASA
30 Mechanism Analysis and Verification Approach for ISS Truss Assembly W. Bruner, C. Enriquez, S. Thampi2004:NASA
31 Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensor Post-Flight Bearing Inspection J. Pellicciotti, S. Lowenthal, W. Jones, Jr., M. Jumper2004:NASA
32 Effect of Test Atmosphere on Moving Mechanical Assembly Test Performance D. Carre, P. Bertrand2004:NASA
33 The X-38 V-201 Fin Fold Actuation Mechanism C. Lupo, B. Robertson, G. Gaffa2004:NASA
34 The X-38 V-201 Flap Actuator Mechanism J. Hagen, L. Moore, J. Estes, C. Layer2004:NASA

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