ams: past papers

ams:past papers

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The Proceedings of AMS are NASA copyright; but the content of the papers are the property of the original authors. Third-parties are allowed to download the papers but are responsible for contacting the individual authors and obtaining separate permission to use images or graphs from the papers.

Extracts may be used in other publications provided they are properly cited and the author(s) of the paper or papers acknowledged as the originators of the work.

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1 Mars Science Laboratory Drill Avi Okon2010:
2 Lightweight Low Force Rotary Percussive Coring Tool for Planetary Applications Ross Hironaka, Scott Stanley2010:
3 A Novel Approach for a Low-Cost Deployable Antenna Chris Amend, Michael Nurnberger, Paul Oppenheimer, Steve Koss, Bill Purdy2010:
4 A Completely New Type of Actuator -or- This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Internal Combustion Engine Brian Gore, Gary Hawkins, Peter Hess, Teresa Moore, Eric Fournier2010:
5 An Evaluation of Liquid, Solid, and Grease Lubricants for Space Mechanisms Using a Spiral Orbit Tribometer Michael Buttery2010:
6 Qualification of a High Accuracy Dual-Axis Antenna Deployment and Trimming Mechanism Alain Gossant, Francois Morichon2010:
7 Scanning Mechanism of the FY-3 Microwave Humidity Sounder Manfred Schmid, Li Jing, Christian Hehr2010:
8 A Coarse Pointing Assembly for Optical Communication Gerhard Székely, D. Blum, M. Humphries, A. Koller, D. Mussett, S. Schuler, P. Vogt2010:
9 Design and Development of Two-Axis Thruster Gimbal with Xenon Propellant Lines Armond Asadurian2010:
10 Gravity-Offloading System for Large-Displacement Ground Testing of Spacecraft Mechanisms Olyvia Han, David Kienholz, Paul Janzen, Scott Kidney2010:
11 Gimbals Drive and Control Electronics Design, Development and Testing of the LRO High Gain Antenna and Solar Array Systems Boris Chernyakov, Kamal Thakore2010:
12 Fastener Capture Plate Technology to Contain On-Orbit Debris Kevin Eisenhower2010:
13 Space Station Control Moment Gyroscope Lessons Learned Charles Gurrisi, Raymond Seidel, Scott Dickerson, Stephen Didziulis, Peter Frantz, Kevin Ferguson2010:
14 International Space Station Powered Bolt Nut Anomaly and Failure Analysis Summary Daniel Sievers, Harry Warden2010:
15 The International Space Station Solar Alpha Rotary Joint Anomaly Investigation Elliot Harik, Justin McFatter, Daniel Sweeney, Carlos Enriquez, Deneen Taylor, David McCann2010:
16 Test Validation of the Repair to the Space Station Solar Alpha Rotary Joint Curtis Allmon, Will Wilkinson, Stu Loewenthal2010:
17 Experimental Investigation of Forces Produced by Misaligned Steel Rollers Timothy Krantz, Christopher DellaCorte, Michael Dube2010:
18 Mars Science Laboratory Sample Acquisition, Sample Processing and Handling:Subsystem Design and Test Challenge Louise Jandura2010:
19 Mars Science Laboratory CHIMRA: A Device for Processing Powdered Martian Samples Daniel Sunshine2010:
20 Performance of Regolith Feed Systems for Analog Field Tests of In-Situ Resource Hawaii Ivan Townsend, Robert Mueller, James Mantovani, Kris Zacny, Jack Craft2010:
21 Refined Gearbox Design for JSC’s Chariot Lunar Rover Steve Baumann, David Lewicki2010:
22 Nickel-Titanium Alloys: Corrosion “Proof” Alloys for Space Bearing, Components and Mechanism Applications Christopher DellaCorte2010:
23 Gossamer Technology to De-Orbit LEO Non-Propulsion-Fitted Satellites Christian Dupuy, O. Le Couls2010:
24 Preliminary Assessment of Seals for Dust Mitigation of Mechanical Components for Lunar Surface Systems Irebert Delgado, Michael Handschuh2010:
25 Development of the Tri-ATHLETE Lunar Vehicle Prototype Matt Heverly, Jaret Matthews, Matt Frost, Chris McQuin2010:
26 An Approach to Designing Passive Self-Leveling Landing Gear with Application to the Lunar Lander Troy Rippere, Gloria Wiens2010:
27 Design and Manufacture of a Highly Reliable, Miniaturized and Low-Mass Shutter Mechanism Markus Manhart, T. Zeh, G. Preißler, A. Hurni, G. Peter, I. Walter, J. Helbert, K. Multhaup, H. Hiesinger2010:
28 Miniaturized Single-Shot Valve and its Application to the ExoMars Pasteur Payload Pierre Muller, Hartmut Henkel, Sabine Klinkner2010:
29 MoS2-Filled PEEK Composite as a Self-Lubricating Material for Aerospace Applications Geraldine Theiler, Thomas Gradt2010:
30 Evolution of the IBDM Structural Latch Development into a Generic Simplified Design Kristiaan De Vriendt, Helder Dittmer, Davy Vrancken, Peter Urmston, Oscar Gracia2010:
31 Development of the Upgraded DC Brush Gear Motor for Spacebus Platforms Robert Berning III, Olivier Viout2010:
32 Static Load Distribution in Ball Bearings Mario Ricci2010:
33 Development of a Solar Array Drive Assembly for CubeSat Mike Passaretti & Ron Hayes2010:
34 Concept, Design, and Prototyping of XSAS: A High Power Extendable Solar Array for CubeSat Applications Patrick Senatore, Andrew Klesh, Thomas Zurbuchen, Darren McKague & James Cutler2010:
35 Xatcobeo: Small Mechanisms for CubeSat Satellites – Antenna and Solar Array Deployment Jose Miguel Encinas Plaza, Jose Antonio Vilán Vilán, Fernando Aguado Agelet, Javier Barandiarán Mancheño, Miguel López Estévez, Cesar Martínez Fernández & Fany Sarmiento Ares 2010:
36 Development and Acceptance Testing of the Dual Wheel Mechanism for the Tunable Filter Imager Cryogenic Instrument on the JWS Martin Leckie & Zakir Ahmad2010:
37 BESST: A Miniature, Modular Radiometer Robert Warden, William Good & Erik Baldwin-Stevens2010:
38 Development of an Actuator for Ambient to Cryo Application Karen Menzel & Hans Jürgen Jung & Jörg Schmidt2010:

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