ams: past papers

ams:past papers

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The Proceedings of AMS are NASA copyright; but the content of the papers are the property of the original authors. Third-parties are allowed to download the papers but are responsible for contacting the individual authors and obtaining separate permission to use images or graphs from the papers.

Extracts may be used in other publications provided they are properly cited and the author(s) of the paper or papers acknowledged as the originators of the work.

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1 Development of Brushed and Brushless DC Motors for use in the ExoMars Drilling and Sampling Mechanism R. Phillips, M. Palladino, C. Courtois2012:Pasadena
2 Rotary Percussive Sample Acquisition Tool (SAT): Hardware Development and Testing K. Klein, M. Badescu, N. Haddad, L. Shiraishi, P. Walkemeyer2012:Pasadena
3 Lock & Release Mechanism for the CHOMIK Penetrator Device and its Tribological Properties M. Dobrowolski, J. Grygorczuk2012:Pasadena
4 Harmonic Drive™ Gear Material Selection and Life Testing J. Mobley, J. Parker2012:Pasadena
5 New Supplier – Hardware Duplication – Some Pitfalls E. Joscelyn2012:Pasadena
6 Development of the Vibration Isolation System for the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device J. Niebuhr, R. Hagen2012:Pasadena
7 Passive Thrust Oscillation Mitigation for the CEV Crew Pallet System M. Sammons, C. Powell, J. Pellicciotti, R. Buehrle, K. Johnson2012:Pasadena
8 The Damper Spring Unit of the Sentinel 1 Solar Array F. Doejaaren, M. Ellenbroek2012:Pasadena
9 Ultra-low-weight Rotary Actuator for Operation on Mars and Pin Puller Mechanism Based on a Novel Shape Memory Alloy Technology N. Nava, M. Collado, F. Alvarez, R. Cabás, J. San Juan, S. Patti, J.-M. Lautier2012:Pasadena
10 Design and Performance of the Telescopic Tubular Mast M. Mobrem, C. Spier2012:Pasadena
11 Development of Variable Reluctance Resolver for Position Feedback G. Leibovich, S. Senanian2012:Pasadena
12 FeF3 Catalytic Influence on PFPE Lubricants Lifetime under Loaded Conditions L. Gaillard, A. Mariot, C. Fotea, R. Holzbauer2012:Pasadena
13 Trade Studies for a High Torque Density Planetary Gearbox J. Mobley2012:Pasadena
14 Single Motion Actuated Shape Memory Alloy Coupling A. Perez, J. Newman, M. Romano2012:Pasadena
15 Development and Testing of a High Compact Stepper Motor Mechanism J. Schmidt, G. Wright2012:Pasadena
16 Cryogenic Temperature Testing of NEA Fuse Wire Mechanism E. Vega, G. Kaczynski2012:Pasadena
17 Developmental Testing of Electric Thrust Vector Control Systems for Manned Launch Vehicle Applications L. Bates, D. Young2012:Pasadena
18 Development of High Temperature High Current Contact Technology in Slipring Assemblies for the BepiColombo MPO & MTM Spacecrafts F. Rottmeier, M. Krummen, M. Miler 2012:Pasadena
19 Lessons Learned to Avoid Coax Cable Failure in Moving Mechanical Mechanisms S. Pirnack2012:Pasadena
20 DLR’s Dynamic Actuator Modules for Robotic Space Applications A. Wedler, M. Chalon, K. Landzettel, M. Görner, E. Krämer, R. Gruber, A. Beyer, H-J. Sedlmayr, B. Willberg, W. Bertleff, J. Reill, M. Grebenstein, M. Schedl, A. Albu-Schäffer, G. Hirzinger2012:Pasadena
21 Mars Science Laboratory Rover Integrated Pump Assembly Bellows Jamming Failure M. Johnson, J. Johnson, G. Birur, P. Bhandari, P. Karlmann2012:Pasadena
22 Development of the Descent Brake Mechanism for the Mars Science Laboratory D. Dowen, J. Moser, J. Mobley2012:Pasadena
23 Mars Science Laboratory Differential Restraint: The Devil is in the Details E. Jordan2012:Pasadena
24 Mars Science Laboratory’s Dust Removal Tool K. Davis, J. Herman, M. Maksymuk, J. Wilson, P. Chu, K. Burke, L. Jandura, K. Brown2012:Pasadena
25 A Zoom Lens for the MSL Mast Cameras: Mechanical Design and Development D. DiBiase, J. Bardis, R. Billing2012:Pasadena
26 Wet Chemistry Automated Sample Processing System (WASP) J. Soto, J. Lasnik, S. Roark, L. Beegle2012:Pasadena
27 Refinement of a Low-Shock Separation System C. Lazansky2012:Pasadena
28 Ares I Linear Mate Umbilical Plate and Collet W. Manley, G. Tamasy, P. Maloney2012:Pasadena
29 GMI Spin Mechanism Assembly Design, Development, and Test Results S. Woolaway, M. Kubitscheck, B. Berdanier, D. Newell, C. Dayton, J. Pellicciotti2012:Pasadena
30 Lessons Learned from the TIRS Instrument Mechanisms Development J. Budinoff, R. Barclay, J. Basl, K. Bergandy, T. Capon, B. Drake, M. Hersh, C. Hormann, E. Lee, A. Matuszeski, A. Nerses, K. Pellak, K. Pope, J. Schepis, T. Sholar2012:Pasadena
31 Resolution for Fretting Wear Contamination on Cryogenic Mechanism C. Clark2012:Pasadena
32 Design and Manufacturing Considerations for Shockproof and Corrosion-Immune Superelastic Nickel-Titanium Bearings for a Space Station Application C. DellaCorte, W. Wozniak2012:Pasadena
33 Wear of Steel Ti6Al4V in Vacuum T. Krantz, I. Shareef2012:Pasadena
34 Angular Runout Test Setup for High-Precision Ball Bearings S. Miller, J. Wood, S. Loewenthal2012:Pasadena
35 LightSail-1 Solar Sail Design and Qualification C. Biddy, T. Svitek2012:Pasadena
36 A Novel Release Mechanism Employing the Principle of Differential Coefficients of Thermal Expansion C. Apland, D. Persons, D. Weir, M. Marley2012:Pasadena
37 A Nichrome Burn Wire Release Mechanism for CubeSats A. Thurn, S. Huynh, S. Koss, P. Oppenheimer, S. Butcher, J. Schlater, P. Hagan2012:Pasadena
38 Antenna Deployment Mechanism for the Cubesat Xatcobeo. Lessons, Evolution and Final Design J. Vilán Vilán, M. López Estévez, F. Aguado Agele2012:Pasadena

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