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ams:past papers

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The Proceedings of AMS are NASA copyright; but the content of the papers are the property of the original authors. Third-parties are allowed to download the papers but are responsible for contacting the individual authors and obtaining separate permission to use images or graphs from the papers.

Extracts may be used in other publications provided they are properly cited and the author(s) of the paper or papers acknowledged as the originators of the work.

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1 An Innovative Aperture Cover Mechanism used on SDO/EVE and MMS/SDP Stephen Steg, William Vermeer, Scott Tucker, Heather Pass2014:
2 Metering Wheel-Wire Track Wire Boom Deployment Mechanism Mark S. Granoff2014:
3 Development of Cryogenic Filter Wheels for the HERSCHEL Photodetector Array Camera & Spectrometer (PACS) Christian Körner, Dirk Kampf, Albrecht Poglitsch, Josef Schubert, U. Ruppert,, M. Schoele2014:
4 Development and Preliminary Testing of a High Precision Long Stroke Slit Change Mechanism for the SPICE Instrument Gabriel Paciotti, Martin Humphries, Fabrice Rottmeier, Luc Blecha2014:
5 High Gain Antenna System Deployment Mechanism Integration, Characterization, and Lessons Learned Fil Parong, Blair Russell, Walter Garcen, Chris Rose, Chris Johnson, Craig Huber2014:
6 In-Orbit Performance of the MWRI Scanning Mechanisms Manfred Schmid, Miao Jun, Yu Shuang2014:
7 Launch Load Resistant Spacecraft Mechanism Bearings Made From NiTi Superelastic Intermetallic Materials Christopher DellaCorte, Lewis E. Moore III2014:
8 Reducing Wear of Steel Rolling Against Ti6Al4V Operating in Vacuum Timothy L. Krantz2014:
9 Wear Potential due to Low EHD Films during Elevated Temperatures Alan Leveille, Peter Ward2014:
10 Observations of Spacecraft Bearing Lubricant Redistribution Based on Thermal Conductance Measurements Yoshimi R. Takeuchi, Peter P. Frantz, Michael R. Hilton2014:
11 A Study on the Effects of Ball Defects on the Fatigue Life in Hybrid Bearings Ching-Yao (Tony) Tang, Chad E. Foerster, Michael J. O’Brien, Brian S. Hardy, Vinay K. Goyal, Benjamin A. Nelson, Ernest Y. Robinson, Peter C. Ward, Michael R. Hilton2014:
12 Design and Test of a Deployable Radiation Cover for the Regolith X-ray Imaging Spectrometer David B. Carte, Niraj K. Inamdar, Michael P. Jones, Rebecca A. Masterson2014:
13 Bi-Axial Solar Array Drive Mechanism: Design, Build and Environmental Testing Noémy Scheidegger, Mark Ferris, Nigel Phillips2014:
14 Advances in Current Rating Techniques for Flexible Printed Circuits Ron Hayes2014:
15 Design of 3D-Printed Titanium Compliant Mechanisms Ezekiel G. Merriam, Jonathan E. Jones,, Larry L. Howell2014:
16 Magnetic Gearing versus Conventional Gearing in Actuators for Aerospace Applications Gregor Puchhammer2014:
17 Flight Testing of a Low Cost De-Orbiting Device for Small Satellites Dana Turse, Phil Keller, Robert Taylor, Mark Reavis, Mike Tupper, Chris Koehler2014:
18 Deployment Methods for an Origami-Inspired Rigid-Foldable Array Shannon A. Zirbel, Brian P. Trease, Spencer P. Magleby, Larry L. Howell2014:
19 ROPEC – ROtary PErcussive Coring Drill for Mars Sample Return Philip Chu, Justin Spring, Kris Zacny2014:
20 Aperture Valve for the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) Charles Engler, John Canham2014:
21 Development of the RANCOR Rotary-Percussive Coring System for Mars Sample Return Gale Paulsen, Stephen Indyk, Kri2014:
22 Torque Tension Testing of Fasteners used for NASA Flight Hardware Applications Ed Hemminger, Alan Posey, Michael Du2014:
23 Ultrasonic Method for Deployment Mechanism Bolt Element Preload Verification Eric C. Johnson, Yong M. Kim, Fred A. Morris, Joel Mitchell, Robert B. Pan2014:
24 LARES Mission: Separation and Retention Subsystem Alessandro Bursi, Pierluigi Camilli, Claudio Piredda, Gianni Babini, Elio Mangraviti2014:
25 Testing Orion’s Fairing Separation System Henry Martinez, Chris Cloutier, Heber Lemmon, Daniel Rakes, Joe Oldham, Keith Schlagel2014:
26 Design and Lessons Learned on the Development of a Cryogenic Pupil Select Mechanism used in the Testing and Calibration of the Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Alissa Mitchell, Thomas Capon, Jeffrey Guzek, Claef Hakun, Paul Haney, Corina Koca2014:
27 GMI Instrument Spin Balance Method, Optimization, Calibration and Test Laoucet Ayari, Michael Kubitschek, Gunnar Ashton, Steve Johnston, Dave Debevec, David Newell, Joseph Pellicciotti2014:
28 The European Robotic Arm: A High-Performance Mechanism Finally on its way to Space H.J. Cruijssen, M. Ellenbroek, M. Henderson, H. Petersen, P. Verzijden, M. Visser2014:
29 GPM Solar Array Gravity Negated Deployment Testing Jonathan Penn, Chris Johnson, Jesse Lewis, Trevin Dear, Alphonso Stewart2014:
30 A Recommended New Approach on Motorization Ratio Calculations of Stepper Motors Ruben Nalbandian, Thierry Blais, Richard Horth2014:
31 Magnetic Gearboxes for Aerospace Applications Jose Luis Perez-Diaz, Efren Diez-Jimenez, Marco Antonio Alvarez-Valenzuela, Juan Sanchez-García-Casarrubios, Christian Cristache, Ignacio Valiente-Blanco2014:
32 Primer – Stepper Motor Nomenclature, Definition, Performance and Recommended Test Methods Scott Starin, Cutter Shea2014:
33 Development Testing and Subsequent Failure Investigation of a Spring Strut Mechanism Jared Dervan, Brandan Robertson, Lucas Staab, Michael Culberson, Joseph Pellicciotti2014:
34 Development of a Tendon-Actuated Lightweight In-Space MANipulator(TALISMAN) William R. Doggett, John T. Dorsey, Thomas C. Jones, Bruce King2014:
35 The Use, Evolution and Lessons Learnt of Deployable Static Solar Array Mechanisms Mark Ferris, Andrew Haslehurst2014:
36 Deployment Mechanism for Thermal Pointing System Kraig Koski2014:
37 ISS Ammonia Pump Failure, Recovery, and Lesson Learned – A Hydrodynamic Bearing Perspective Robert J. Bruckner, Richard A. Manco II2014:
38 Wide Range Vacuum Pumps for the SAM Instrument on the MSL Curiosity Rover Paul Sorensen, Robert Kline-Schoder, Rodger Farley2014:
39 SLM Produced Hermetically Sealed Isolation Valve James Richard2014:
40 DRAGON - 8U Nanosatellite Orbital Deployer Marcin Dobrowolski, Jerzy Grygorczuk, Bartosz Kedziora, Marta Tokarz, Maciej Borys2014:
41 Mechanism Design and Testing of a Self-Deploying Structure Using Flexible Composite Tape Springs Joseph N. Footdale, Thomas W. Murphey2014:
42 Innovative Escapement-Based Mechanism for Micro-Antenna Boom Deployment Marta Tokarz, Jerzy Grygorczuk, Stanislaw Jarzynka, Henryk Gut2014:
43 Design and Functional Validation of a Mechanism for Dual-Spinning CubeSats Eric Peters, Pratik Dave, Ryan Kingsbury, Anne Marinan, Evan Wise, Chris Pong, Meghan Prinkey, Kerri Cahoy, David W. Miller, Devon Sklair, Joshua Emig, William J. Blackwell, G. Allen, C. Galbraith, R. Leslie, I. Osaretin, M. Shields, E. Thompson, D. 2014:

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