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ams:past papers

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The Proceedings of AMS are NASA copyright; but the content of the papers are the property of the original authors. Third-parties are allowed to download the papers but are responsible for contacting the individual authors and obtaining separate permission to use images or graphs from the papers.

Extracts may be used in other publications provided they are properly cited and the author(s) of the paper or papers acknowledged as the originators of the work.

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1 Piezoelectric Actuators and Future Motors for Cryogenic Applications in Space Christian Belly, Francois Barillot & Fabien Dubois2016:
2 Development of a Deployment and Latching Mechanism for a Pointing System on the Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) for Goddard Space Flight Center Robert Berning & John Holzinger2016:
3 ATLAS Beam Steering Mechanism (BSM) Lessons Learned Ken Blumenstock, Alexander Cramer, Alan Gostin, Claef Hakun, Paul Haney, Matthew Hinkle, Kenneth Lee, Carlos Lugo, Adam Matuszeski, Armando Morell, Nerses Armani, Joseph Bonafede, Molly Jackson, Peter Steigner & Juan Stromsdörfer2016:
4 Injection of a Body into a Geodesic: Lessons Learnt from the LISA Pathfinder Case Daniele Bortoluzzi, Andrea Zambotti, Stefano Vitale, Carlo Zanoni, Luca Gambini, Hans Rozemeijer, John Conklin, Bengt Johlander, Ingo Koeker, Cesar Garcia Marirrodriga, Philipp Nellen & Blondo Seutchat Tcheungang2016:
5 Suomi-NPP Mission On-orbit Experience with Toroid Ball Bearing Retainers under Unidirectional and Reversing Motion Otto Bruegman, Kamal Thakore, Stu Loewenthal & John Cymerman2016:
6 Design Development of a Combined Deployment and Pointing System for the International Space Station Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer Telescope Jason Budinoff, Keith Gendreau, Zaven Arzoumanian, Charles Baker, Robert Berning, Todd Colangelo, John Holzinger, Jesse Lewis, Alice Liu, Alissa Mitchell, Chuck Monroe, Richard Pugh & Roger Willey2016:
7 Development of a Self-latching Hold-down RElease Kinematic (SHREK) Ruggero Cassanelli2016:
8 Development of Compact Mechanically Driven Systems for High Strain Composite Slit-Tubes Bruce Davis & Mark Lake2016:
9 Challenges of Designing a 13-Hz High-Load Vibration Isolation System with Tight Volume Constraints: Lessons Learnt and Path Forward Stella Dearing & Dale Ruebsamen2016:
10 Failure Analysis and Recovery of a 50-mm Highly Elastic Intermetallic NiTi Ball Bearing for an ISS Application Christopher DellaCorte, S. Adam Howard & Lewis Moore III2016:
11 Development of a High-Performance, Low-Profile Translation Table with Wire Feedthrough for a Deep Space CubeSat Alex Few2016:
12 The Dynamic Particle Generation of Lubricating Greases for use in Space Mechanisms Jason Galary2016:
13 A Multi-Sectioning, Reconfigurable Electromagnetic Hammering Propulsion for Mole Penetrators Jerzy Grygorczuk, Bartosz Kedziora, Lukasz Wisniewski, Marta Tokarz, J. Krasowski, Krzysztof Bienkowski, M. Drogosz, R. Graczyk & Marcin Dobrowolski2016:
14 Development of a Magneto-Resistive Angular Position Sensor for Space Mechanisms Robert Hahn, Tilo Schmidt, Klaus Seifart, Bastian Olberts & Fernando Romera2016:
15 Ball Bearing Analysis with the ORBIS Tool Jacob Halpin2016:
16 Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Single Crystal Wires with High Transformation Temperature Alain Hautcoeur, Florian Fouché & Jacques Sicre2016:
17 Prevailing Torque Locking Feature in Threaded Fasteners using Anaerobic Adhesive Alan Hernandez & Daniel Hess2016:
18 Degradation of Sputter-Deposited Nanocomposite MoS2 Coatings for NIRCam during Storage in Air Jeffrey Lince, Stuart Loewenthal & Charles Clark2016:
19 A New Architecture for Absolute Optical Encoders Timothy Malcolm, John Beasley & Mike Jumper2016:
20 Extended Life Testing of Duplex Ball Bearings Jeffrey Mobley, Michael Robertson & Charles Hodges2016:
21 Digital Image Correlation for Performance Monitoring Miguel Palaviccini, Dan Turner & Michael Herzberg2016:
22 Development and Testing of a “Backlash-Free“ Gas-Tight High-Precision Sample Dosing Mechanism for the ExoMars 2018 Rover Daniel Redlich, Robert Paul, Sebastian Ott, Lutz Richter, Quirin Mühlbauer, Markus Thiel, Tim Tattusch, Harald Weisz, Fabio Musso & Stephen Durrant2016:
23 Mechanisms Design for the S5P-TROPOMI Instrument Erik Tabak, Jan de Vreugd, Dorus de Lange & Frits van der Knaap2016:
24 James Webb Space Telescope Deployment Brushless DC Motor Characteristics Analysis Anh Tran2016:
25 Deployment System for Three Axis CubeSat Electric Field Instrument Dana Turse, Larry Adams & Chris Esser2016:
26 Use of Volute Springs in Space Applications Chris Floyd, Ian Bournelis & Cary Clark2016:
27 Realization and Testing of the In Field Pointing Mechanism for the Evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna Gert Witvoet & Jet Human2016:
28 APM for a Constellation Intersatellite Link – EM Qualification and Lessons Learned Frank Härtel & Horst Kozilek2016:
29 Tests on the Ductility of Stainless Steel and Titanium Alloy Aerospace Fasteners Jarrod Whittaker & Daniel Hess2016:
30 Design and Development of NEA Scout Solar Sail Deployer Mechanism Alexander Sobey & Tiffany Russell Lockett2016:
31 Development and Testing of a Bi-Stable Actuator based on a High Transition Temperature Shape Memory Alloy Gabriel Paciotti, Jacques-Eric Bidaux, Hervé Girard, Fabrice Rottmeier & Luc Blecha2016:
32 Development and Testing of a High-Precision Position and Attitude Measuring System for a Space Mechanism Nikolay Khanenya, Gabriel Paciotti, Eugenio Forzani & Luc Blecha2016:
33 Electrical Noise Performance of Gold-on-Gold Slip Rings Ron Hayes, Erik Mumm & Kyle Gotthelf2016:
34 Hammering Mechanism for HP3 Experiment (InSight) Jerzy Grygorczuk, Lukasz Wisniewski, Bartosz Kedziora, Maciej Borys, Rafal Przybyla, Tomasz Kucinski, Maciej Ossowski, Wojciech Konior, Olaf Krömer, Tilman Spohn, Marta Tokarz & Mateusz Bialek2016:
35 Holding Brakes for Space Mechanisms with Minimum Power Requirement Ted Hopper, Christoph Stuckmann, Scott Starin & Walter Whitehead2016:
36 Microspine Gripping Mechanism for Asteroid Capture Ezekiel Merriam, Andrew Berg, Andrew Willig, Aaron Parness, Tim Frey & Larry Howell2016:
37 MOPITT Mechanisms – 16 Years In-Orbit Operation on TERRA Andrew Gibson, Florian Nichitiu, Dwight Caldwell, John Hackett, Robert Deschambault & James Drummond2016:
38 Slip Ring Electrical Anomalies Found After Protoflight Vibration Testing Troy Nilson, Scott Christiansen & Chad Hebert2016:
39 State-of-the-Art Reaction Wheel Optimization for Fine-Pointing Space Platforms: Minimizing Induced Vibration Impacts On Hubble Space Telescope Jitter Performance Martin Hasha2016:
40 Tape Hinge/Lenticular Strut Hinge Qualification and Evolution Donald Gibbons2016:
41 Testing and Measurement of Mechanism-Induced Disturbances Laoucet Ayari, Michael Kubitschek, Gunnar Ashton, Eric Marquardt & Steve Johnston2016:

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