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The Proceedings of AMS are NASA copyright; but the content of the papers are the property of the original authors. Third-parties are allowed to download the papers but are responsible for contacting the individual authors and obtaining separate permission to use images or graphs from the papers.

Extracts may be used in other publications provided they are properly cited and the author(s) of the paper or papers acknowledged as the originators of the work.

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1 Investigation of Bolt Preload Relaxation for JWST Thermal Heat Strap Assembly Joints with Aluminum-1100 and Indium Gaskets Andrew Bartoszyk, Thomas Walsh, Jody Davis, Jason Krom, Patrick Williams, Jason Hylan & Edgar Hemminger2018:Cleveland
2 A Discussion of Friction Anomaly Signatures in Response to Electrical Discharge in Ball Bearings William Bialke2018:Cleveland
3 Use and Advantages of Direct-Drive Brushless DC Actuators for Precision Instrument Pointing of the Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor Patrick Brown, Andrew Engelmann & Ryan Lewis2018:Cleveland
4 High Speed Bearing Wear Rate Measurements for Spacecraft Active Thermal Control Fluid Pumps with a Novel Pin on Disk Apparatus Robert J. Bruckner & Richard A. Manco II2018:Cleveland
5 Hybrid Lubrication of PFPE Fluids and Sputtered MoS2 Michael Buttery, Anthony Kent, Dave Forster & Achilleas Vortselas2018:Cleveland
6 Mechanism Design & Flight Build of Furled High Strain Composite Antenna for CubeSats Bruce Davis, Ryan VanHalle, Kevin Cox & Will Francis2018:Cleveland
7 Capture Latch Assembly for the NASA Docking System Brandon Dick, Nathan Mauch & Timothy Rupp2018:Cleveland
8 Testing and Maturing a Mass Translating Mechanism for a Deep Space CubeSat Alex Few, Tiffany Lockett, Richard Wilson, David Boling & Erik Loper2018:Cleveland
9 Testing and Development of the NEA Scout Solar Sail Deployer Mechanism Alex Few, Tiffany Lockett, Richard Wilson & David Boling2018:Cleveland
10 Efficacy of Lead Naphthenate for Wear Protection in Mixed Lubrication Regime Jason T. Galary2018:Cleveland
11 Design and Development of CubeSat Solar Array Deployment Mechanisms Using Shape Memory Alloys Allen Guzik & Othmane Benafan2018:Cleveland
12 Lessons Learned in the Flight Qualification of the S-NPP and NOAA-20 Solar Array Mechanisms Daniel Helfrich & Adam Sexton2018:Cleveland
13 Validation and Test Results of the 2.5D Technology for Pancake Slip Rings Mélanie Henry & Sandro Liberatoscioli2018:Cleveland
14 Quantifying Threaded Fastener Locking Daniel P. Hess & Christopher DellaCorte2018:Cleveland
15 Dynamic Behavior of Ball Bearings under Axial Vibration Virgil Hinque & René Seiler2018:Cleveland
16 Reliability Calculation Methodologies for Mechanisms and Actuators Tanner Horne & Evan Harrington2018:Cleveland
17 Determining Root Causes of Mysterious Hardware Failures using High Resolution CT Scanning Michael R. Johnson2018:Cleveland
18 Compliant Mechanisms Re-Design based on Additive Manufacturing and Topology Optimization Lionel Kiener, Hervé Saudan, Gérald Perruchoud & Johan Kruis2018:Cleveland
19 Performance of MoS2 Coated Gears Exposed to Humid Air during Storage Timothy Krantz, Claef Hakun, Zachary Cameron, Iqbal Shareef & Michael Dube2018:Cleveland
20 Solving a Performance Limiting Resonance Frequency Problem of the SOFIA Secondary Mirror Mechanism by Structural Modifications Yannick Lammen, Andreas Reinacher & Alfred Krabbe2018:Cleveland
21 Failure of the Ball-Lock Mechanism on the NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer Michael Lewis & Conor Brown2018:Cleveland
22 Accelerated Testing of Tribological Components - Uncertainties and Solutions Simon Lewis, Mike Buttery, Oliver Poyntz-Wright, Anthony Kent & Achilleas Vortsellas2018:Cleveland
23 Spacecraft Common Deployable Boom Hinge Deploy and Latching Mechanisms Paul Lytal & Marcel Renson2018:Cleveland
24 NASA Docking System Block 1: NASA’s New Direct Electric Docking System Supporting ISS and Future Human Space Exploration Justin McFatter, Karl Keiser & Timothy Rupp2018:Cleveland
25 Non-Pyrotechnic Multi-Point Release Mechanisms for Spacecraft Release Ambrosio Mejia, John Sudick & Geoff Kaczynski2018:Cleveland
26 Qualification of a Networked Pyrotechnic Initiation System for the CST-100 Starliner Spacecraft David Novotney, Craig Boucher, Joseph Smith, Robert Morlath & Hervens Beauge2018:Cleveland
27 An Improved Solid Lubricant for Bearings Operating in Space and Terrestrial Environments Arindam Paul, Harpal Singh, Kalyan C. Mutyala & G.L. Doll2018:Cleveland
28 The Regolith and Ice Drill for Exploration of New Terrains (TRIDENT); a One-Meter Drill for the Lunar Resource Prospector Mission Gale Paulsen, Zachary Mank, Alexander Wang, Paul Chow, Cody Hyman, Thomas Thomas, Allen Lee, Kris Zacny, James Smith, Jacqueline Quinn, Erik Mumm & Ron Hayes2018:Cleveland
29 Enhanced Vibration Isolation Using a Magnetic Linear Gear for Highly Demanding Aerospace Applications José Luis Perez-Diaz, Ignacio Valiente-Blanco, Juan Sanchez García-Casarrubios, Cristian Cristache, Fernando Rodriguez-Celis, Judit Esnoz-Larraya, Efrén Diez-Jimenez & José Luis Perez-Alamo2018:Cleveland
30 Mechanisms and New Space Bill Purdy2018:Cleveland
31 Environmental Chamber Testing of a Rock Sampling Drill for Venus Exploration Fredrik Rehnmark, Evan Cloninger, Cody Hyman, Jameil Bailey, Nick Traeden, Kris Zacny, Kristopher Kriechbaum, Joseph Melko, Brian Wilcox, Jeffery Hall & Kristopher Sherrill2018:Cleveland
32 Development of the Multi-Purpose Transportation System for the Space Launch System Core Stage Flight Article Sarah Sandridge, Hue Lien, Ronald Hunt, Ayana Reese & Christopher Doktor2018:Cleveland
33 Lessons Learned from a Deployment Mechanism for a Ka-band Deployable Antenna for CubeSats Jonathan Sauder, Nacer Chahat, Richard Hodges, Eva Peral, Yahya Rahmat-Samii & Mark Thomson2018:Cleveland
34 The Design & Development of the Ocean Color Instrument Precision Superduplex Hybrid Bearing Cartridge Joseph Schepis, Timothy Woodard, Claef Hakun, Konrad Bergandy, Joseph Church, Peter Ward, Michael Lee, Alfred Conti & Jeffrey Guzek2018:Cleveland
35 Precision High-Strain Composite Hinges for Deployable Space Telescopes Mark Silver & Michael Echter2018:Cleveland
36 A Mechanisms Perspective on Microvibration – Good Practices and Lessons Learned Geert Smet & Sandro Patti2018:Cleveland
37 Development of the NEA Mini for Low Load Applications John Sudick & Geoff Kaczynski2018:Cleveland
38 Evaluation of Friction Characteristics and Low Friction Mechanism of Tungsten Disulfide for Space Solid Lubricant at Elevated Temperature in a Vacuum Ayaka Takahashi, Josaphat Tetuko S S & Keizo Hashimoto2018:Cleveland
39 Validation of a Novel High Performance Magnetic Gearbox for Space Ignacio Valiente-Blanco, Judit Esnoz-Larraya, Efrén Diez-Jimenez, Juan Sanchez García-Casarrubios, Cristian Cristache, Fernando Rodriguez-Celis & José Luis Perez-Diaz2018:Cleveland
40 Scroll Compressor for Mars Atmospheric Acquisition John Wilson, Bryce Shaffer & Ted Iskenderian2018:Cleveland
41 KaRIn Alignment Mechanism Design, Development and Testing John Luke Wolff2018:Cleveland
42 Solar Array Drive Assembly Qualification Lessons Learned Jonathan Wood & Timothy Pargett2018:Cleveland
43 The Synchronization Mechanism for Solar Array with a Three-Stage Deployment Zehong Yan, Hongjun Shang, Guowei Zhao, Qiaolong Yang, Jingya Ma & Jianjun Wang2018:Cleveland
44 Developmental Bearing and Bushing Testing for Mars Gearboxes David Suffern & Jonathan Parker2018:Cleveland
45 Experimental Method for Determining Ball Bearing Lubricant Quantity Factor Yoshimi R. Takeuchi, Peter P. Frantz & Tim P. Woodard2018:Cleveland

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