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ams:past papers

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1 Nanometric Positioning with IASI-NG‘s Beam Splitter Mechanism Actuator Francois Barillot, Jocelyn Rebufa, Gladys Jaussaud & Adrien Guignabert2020:
2 Design and Development of a Robust Chuck Mechanism for the Mars 2020 Coring Drill Anthony Barletta2020:
3 Development of the Next Generation Battery Cell Isolation Switch Ruben Betancourt & Michel Knight2020:
4 Micro-Vibration Attenuation Using Novel Flexible Pivot Design Luc Blecha, Yoël Puyol, Simon Hayoz, Fabrice Rottmeier & Martin Humphries2020:
5 Spectrometer Scan Mechanism for Encountering Jovian Orbit Trojan Asteroids Kenneth Blumenstock, Alexander Cramer, Joseph Church, Jason Niemeyer, Fil Parong, Sam Zhao, Nerses Armani & Kenneth Lee2020:
6 Lessons Learned from Qualification of HDRM for Ultralight LP-PWI Boom for ESA JUICE Mission Maciej Borys, Ewelina Ryszawa, ?ukasz Wi?niewski, Maciej Ossowski & Jerzy Grygorczuk2020:
7 A Fast-Acting Self-Energized, Low-Cost Valve for Air Cannons Lee Brown2020:
8 Development and Post-Testing Anomalies of the Parker Solar Probe Clamshells Development Mark Bryant2020:
9 Mars 2020 Center Differential Pivot Restraint: Flexurized Spring System Providing Compliance for Rover Mobility Deployment Prior to Landing Matt Cameron & Kevin Liu2020:
10 Parker Solar Probe MAG Boom Design, Analysis and Verification Weilun Cheng, Calvin Kee & John Wirzburger2020:
11 Percussion Mechanism for the Mars 2020 Coring Drill Kyle Chrystal2020:
12 Development of a Family of Resettable Hold-Down and Release Actuators based on SMA Technology and Qualification of Different Application Systems Marcelo Collado, Cayetano Rivera, Javier Inés, José San Juan, Charlie Yeates, Michael Anderson, Francisco Javier Rivas, Mónica Iriarte, Jens Steppan, Calem Whiting & Karine Murray2020:
13 Astrobee Free-Flyer Nozzle Mechanism Earl Daley2020:
14 Recovery and Operational Best Practices for Reaction Wheel Bearings Michael Dube, Jeff Fisher, Stuart Loewenthal & Peter Ward2020:
15 Lubricant Degradation in High-Load, High-Cycle Actuator Test Using Heritage Harmonic Drives for the Multi-Angle Imager for Aerosols Instrument Michelle Easter2020:
16 Thermal Vacuum Testing Lessons Learned for Small Stepper Motors and a CubeSat Translation Mechanism Alex Few, Lynn Albritton & Don McQueen2020:
17 Laboratory Studies of Spacecraft Fluid Lubricant Mobility and Film Thickness Peter Frantz, James Helt & Steve Didziulis2020:
18 Efficacy of Lead Naphthenate for Wear Protection in High Vacuum Space Mechanisms Jason Galary2020:
19 Multi-Mission Deployable Boom: Spring Mechanism Design, Failure Investigation, and Resolution Christine Gebara & Paul Lytal2020:
20 Highlights of the Next Generation AIAA Moving Mechanical Assemblies Standard Brian Gore & Leon Gurevich2020:
21 Sealing Station Mechanisms for the Mars 2020 Rover Sample Caching Subsystem Jesse Grimes-York & Sean O’Brien2020:
22 Point Ahead Mechanism for Deep Space Optical Communication – Development of a New Piezo-Based Fine Steering Mirror Adrian Guignabert, Thomas Maillard, Francois Barillot, Olivier Sosnicki & Frank Claeyssen2020:
23 Major Design Choices and Challenges that Enabled the Success of the Ejectable Data Recorder System Jeff Hagen, Michael Burlone & Kristina Rojdev2020:
24 Development of a Low-Shock Payload Fairing Jettison System Boris Halter, Josef Zemann, Simon Wieser, Beatrice Burkhart, Mathias Burkhalter, Alberto Sánchez & Oliver Kunz2020:
25 Compliant Mechanisms Made by Additive Manufacturing Lionel Kiener, Hervé Saudan, Florent Cosandier, Gérald Perruchoud, Vaclav Pejchal, Sébastien Lani & Antoine Verhaeghe2020:
26 NSI Performance Improvement Through the use of Automation Jason Kozmic, Bill Gratzl & Hobin Lee2020:
27 Deployment Mechanism for an Earth Re-Entry Deployable Decelerator Carl Kruger2020:
28 Design and Test of the Orion Crew Module Side Hatch Lance Lininger & Kyle Gotthelf2020:
29 Mars 2020 maxon Commercial Motor Development from Commercial-Off-the-Shelf to Flight-Qualified Motors, Gearboxes, and Detent Brakes: Overcoming Issues and Lessons Learned Michael LoSchiavo, Rebecca Mikhaylov, Robin Phillips & Lynn Braunschweig2020:
30 Microvibrations Modelling and Measurement on Sentinel 4 UVN Calibration Assembly using a Piezoelectric 6 Component Force Dynamometer Benoit Marquet2020:
31 Design, Development, Testing, and Flight of the Crew Dragon Docking System Jaret Matthews, Caitlin Driscoll, Edward Fouad, Andrew Welter, Marc Jamulowicz & Jessica Ipnar2020:
32 Lubrication Concept Evaluated for Geared Actuators under Starved Conditions Erik Nyberg, Ichiro Minami & Jonny Hansen2020:
33 Lessons Learned During the Development, Qualification, and Production of the MM Solar Array Thomas Pace2020:
34 Bearing Anomaly for the Sentinel 6 Supplemental Calibration System Gale Paulsen, Dylan Van Dyne, Fredrik Rehnmark, Phil Chu & Ted Iskenderian2020:
35 Development of a Low-Shock Separation Nut Out of the Pyrotechnic Class Sebastien Perez, Frederic Miralles & François Degryse2020:
36 Flexible Waveguides for RF Transmission across PSP HGA Rotary Actuator Deva Ponnusamy, Weilun Cheng, Ted Hartka, Devin Hahne, Calvin Kee, Mike Marley & David Napolillo2020:
37 Development of a Universal and Scaleable Mechanism Control Electronics Configured to Application Solely by Parameter and Software Configuration Udo Rapp & Juan Camilo Garcia Hernandez2020:
38 Design, Development and Verification of the METimage Mechanisms Sebastian Rieger & Armin Jago2020:
39 Design and Development of the GPM Solar Array Drive Assembly, Orbital Performance and Lessons Learned Alejandro Rivera, Glenn Bock, Alphonso Stewart, Jon Lawrence, Daniel Powers, Gary Brown & Rodger Farley2020:
40 Solid-State Hinge Mechanism for Simple Panel Deployment System Thomas Rose, William Hensley & William Francis2020:
41 Mars 2020 Rover Adaptive Caching Assembly: So Many Challenges Milo Silverman & Justin Lin2020:
42 Mars 2020 Motor Bearing Failure, Investigation and Response Dave Suffern, Jeff Mobley & Stephen Smith2020:
43 STIG: A Two-Speed Transmission Aboard the Mars 2020 Coring Drill Timothy Szwarc, Jonathan Parker & Johannes Kreuser2020:
44 Two-Axis Antenna Pointing Mechanism Qualification for Juice Mission Dual-Band Medium Gain Antenna Jorge Vázquez, Mikel Prieto, Jon Laguna & Antonio Gonzalez2020:
45 Challenges of the Development of a Compliant Focus Mechanism Submitted to the Harsh Martian Environment for the ExoMars Rover Mission Antoine Verhaeghe, Gerald Perruchoud, Philippe Schwab, Mathias Gumy, Julien Rouvinet & Lionel Kiener2020:
46 Eddy Current Effects in Spacecraft Mechanisms Emilia Wegrzyn, Claudia Allegranza, Thomas Adam, Florian Liebold & René Seiler2020:

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