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The Proceedings of AMS are NASA copyright; but the content of the papers are the property of the original authors. Third-parties are allowed to download the papers but are responsible for contacting the individual authors and obtaining separate permission to use images or graphs from the papers.

Extracts may be used in other publications provided they are properly cited and the author(s) of the paper or papers acknowledged as the originators of the work.

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211 Design and Development of the GPM Solar Array Drive Assembly, Orbital Performance and Lessons Learned Alejandro Rivera, Glenn Bock, Alphonso Stewart, Jon Lawrence, Daniel Powers, Gary Brown & Rodger Farley2020:
212 Mars 2020 Rover Adaptive Caching Assembly: So Many Challenges Milo Silverman & Justin Lin2020:
213 Mars 2020 Motor Bearing Failure, Investigation and Response Dave Suffern, Jeff Mobley & Stephen Smith2020:
214 STIG: A Two-Speed Transmission Aboard the Mars 2020 Coring Drill Timothy Szwarc, Jonathan Parker & Johannes Kreuser2020:
215 Two-Axis Antenna Pointing Mechanism Qualification for Juice Mission Dual-Band Medium Gain Antenna Jorge Vázquez, Mikel Prieto, Jon Laguna & Antonio Gonzalez2020:
216 Challenges of the Development of a Compliant Focus Mechanism Submitted to the Harsh Martian Environment for the ExoMars Rover Mission Antoine Verhaeghe, Gerald Perruchoud, Philippe Schwab, Mathias Gumy, Julien Rouvinet & Lionel Kiener2020:
217 Eddy Current Effects in Spacecraft Mechanisms Emilia Wegrzyn, Claudia Allegranza, Thomas Adam, Florian Liebold & René Seiler2020:
218 Development of a Solar Array Drive Assembly for CubeSat Mike Passaretti & Ron Hayes2010:
219 Development and Acceptance Testing of the Dual Wheel Mechanism for the Tunable Filter Imager Cryogenic Instrument on the JWS Martin Leckie & Zakir Ahmad2010:
220 BESST: A Miniature, Modular Radiometer Robert Warden, William Good & Erik Baldwin-Stevens2010:
221 Development of an Actuator for Ambient to Cryo Application Karen Menzel & Hans Jürgen Jung & Jörg Schmidt2010:

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