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The Proceedings of AMS are NASA copyright; but the content of the papers are the property of the original authors. Third-parties are allowed to download the papers but are responsible for contacting the individual authors and obtaining separate permission to use images or graphs from the papers.

Extracts may be used in other publications provided they are properly cited and the author(s) of the paper or papers acknowledged as the originators of the work.

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31 Deflection Analysis of the Space Shuttle External Tank Door Drive Mechanism M. Tosto, B. Trieu, B. Evernden, D. Hope, K. Wong, R. Lindberg2008:
32 Development of the Aquarius Antenna Deployment Mechanisms and Spring/Damper Actuator J. Johnson2008:
33 Docking System Mechanism Utilized on Orbital Express Program S. Christiansen, T. Nilson2008:
34 Electrically Powered Separation Nuts B. Little2008:
35 Lessons Learned Designing a Spherical Satellite Release Mechanism R. Hevner2008:
36 Wear Life Testing of a Mission Critical Separation Interface J. Wood, J. de la Fuente2008:
37 Scanning System Development and Associated Bearing Cage Instability Issue M. Schmid, C. Hehr2008:
38 Measuring the EHD Film Thickness in a Rotating Ball Bearing P. Ward, A. Leveille, P. Frantz2008:
39 A New Structural Bonding Process for Ferromagnetic Sheet Stacking used in Electric Motors (Rotors, Stators…) C. Casteras, B. Bonduelle, F. Martin2008:
40 Evaluation of Perflouropolyether Lubricant Lifetime in the High Stress and High Stress-Cycle Regime for Mars Applications J. Herman, K. Davis2008:
41 Implications of Underdamped Stepper Mechanism Performance and Damping Solution Methodology S. Brown, S. Starin2008:
42 Linear High-Force "Step and Repeat" Piezoelectric Motors J. Paine, M. Johns, J. Sesler, M. Stefanick, J. Kennedy2008:
43 Development of a Forced Oscillation System for Measuring Dynamic Derivatives of Fluidic Vehicles B. Trieu, T. Tyler , B. Stewart, J. Charnock, D. Fisher, E. H. Heim, J. Brandon, S. Grafton2006:
44 “Digital” SMA-Based Trailing Edge Tab Actuators for Aerospace Applications R. McKillip Jr2006:
45 Come-Along Tool Development for Telerobotic In-Space Servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope J. Penn2006:

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