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16th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium 2015

Bilbao, Spain - 23rd to 25th September 2015

17th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium, 2017

Is being organised by Airbus Defence and Space Ltd and will be held in Hertfordhire, United Kingdom - 20th to 22nd September 2017
Full details can be found on the symposium website ESMATS 2017

Bilbao, Spain - 21st to 22nd September 2015

Launchspace Space Mechanisms Course

Registration is now open for the Launchspace Space Mechanisms Design Course.

As a new initiative for 2015 on Monday and Tuesday, September 21 and 22, Launchspace is providing a special edition of their space mechanisms course in the same location as ESMATS.

This course explores the technologies required for the successful design of moving mechanical assemblies in the space environment and offers a detailed look at many of the key components common to most mechanisms, such as ball bearings, motors and feedback devices. With this background, the high-performance materials required for operation in space are reviewed, emphasizing compatibility with the space environment and offering some background in the metallurgy, chemistry, and fabrication of those materials. Examples of some of the many types of mechanism will be included for illustration. In addition, the mechanisms relationship and interface with other vehicle systems will be explored, as a mechanism usually becomes an important part of the vehicles structural, thermal, contamination, survivability, and pointing subsystems.

The course includes design and analysis examples to demonstrate the principles involved in understanding how mechanisms should work, and how design margins should be evaluated during the evolution of a programme.

The instructor for the course will be Bill Purdy. Bill has 22 years of hands-on experience in the space engineering field with wide-ranging involvement in both spacecraft mechanisms and systems engineering disciplines.

Mr. Purdy has been one of the leaders of the space mechanism industry’s transition from explosive release mechanisms to non-explosive devices. His involvement in numerous space endeavors includes key roles on over 25 successfully flown spacecraft, work on over 30 flown mechanisms including gimbals, release mechanisms, deployables and many other types of mechanisms. As an educator and space industry consultant to both government and industry, Mr. Purdy applies this broad experience to bring out a clear understanding of the space mechanisms, definition, resolution and integration of mechanism requirements and their relationship to the overall system programme success. Mr. Purdy was the Associate Editor of the industry-standard handbook Space Vehicle Mechanisms – Elements of Successful Design and was the author of the chapter on non-explosive release mechanisms. He has published seven Aerospace Mechanisms Symposia papers and was the 1999 winner of the Herzl Award. Mr. Purdy holds a BSME from the University of Maryland.

Registration and Fees

This course will be held on the 2 days prior to the ESMATS Symposium so that delegates can amalgamate attendance of this course with attendance at the ESMATS Symposium. It is currently planned that the course will be held in the same venue as ESMATS 2015.

Registration is now open for the Launchspace Space Mechanisms Design Course..

This course is not part of the ESMATS 2015 Symposium and an additional fee is payable for delegates attending this course in addition to ESMATS 2015.

Launchspace Mechanisms Design Course
Launchspace Mechanisms Design Course.
US$695 including materials, plus optional textbook at US$175

Details about other Launchspace courses can be found on the Launchspace website

For Further Information Contact:

P.O. Box 34473 Bethesda,
MD USA 20827-0473

LAUNCHSPACE is an educational organisation dedicated to the training and continuing education of space industry professionals. Launchspace offers the largest array of public and client-site short courses to the international space community.

Since 1970, Launchspace has helped thousands of engineers and managers become more productive in their careers. Most of Launchspaces' courses and training programmes are unique and customised for particular clients. They focus on critical skills in the areas of satellite and launch vehicle design, engineering and systems.

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