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ESMATS 2011: The 14th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium - purpose and committee details
esmats  2011
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14th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium 2011

Constance, Germany. 28th / 30th September 2011

Aims and Scope

Attracting space scientists, mechanism designers and engineers from all over the world, the aims of the symposium are:
  • To foster a dialogue between space mechanisms engineers on the design, development, testing, production and in-flight experience of spacecraft and payload mechanisms to encourage personal contacts in the mechanisms and tribology community
  • To provide a networking opportunity as well as a presentation platform for companies and organisations
  • To encourage the transfer of technology to and from space applications
  • To promote awareness that space opportunities afford sustainable industrial growth

Organising Committee

ESMATS Organising Committee members from left to right:

Front: P. Guay, G. Migliorero, F. Artigas
Middle: M. Falkner, F, Champandard, D. Manzoni, E. Boesiger, A. Borrien, V. Gass
Back: J. Murer, H. Cruissen, M. Schmid, JL. Bozet, E. Roberts

ESMATS Committee
Name Affiliation Country Function in
Gerard Migliorero ESA/ESTEC Netherlands Chairman
Hans Juergen Jung EADS Astrium Germany Co-Chairman
Manfred Falkner ESA/ESTEC Netherlands
Fernando Artigas SENER Spain
Gerhard Hirzinger DLR Germany
Thierry Blais EADS Astrium Germany
Jean-Luc Bozet Université de Liège Belguim
Fabrice Champandard Thales Alenia Space France
Philippe Guay CNES France
TBD RUAG Aerospace
Didier Manzoni RUAG Aerospace Switzerland
Emyr Roberts ESTL-ESR Technology UK
Manfred Schmid Astrium Satellites Germany
Enrice Suetta Selex Galileo Avionica Italy
Henk Cruyssen Dutch Space The Netherlands
Johan Andreas Mürer Kongsberg Defence Aerospace Norway
Ed Boesiger Lockheed Martin USA US Coordinator
Hans Hintermann Switzerland Honorary member
André Borrien France Honorary member


History of ESMATS

Year Location Proceedings
1983 Neuchatel, Switzerland ESA SP-196
1985 Schloss Meersburg, Germany ESA SP-231
1987 Madrid, Spain ESA SP-279
1989 Cannes, France ESA SP-299
1992 Noordwijk, The Netherlands ESA SP-334
1995 Zurich, Switzerland ESA SP-374
1997 Noordwijk, The Netherlands ESA SP-410
1999 Toulouse, France ESA SP-438
2001 Liege, Belgium ESA SP-480
2003 San Sebastian, Spain ESA SP-524
2005 Lucerne, Switzerland ESA SP-591
2007 Liverpool, United Kingdom ESA SP-653
2009 Vienna, Austria ESA SP-670

Symposium Topics

mechanisms symposium
The Symposium will encompass the following main topics:
  • Mechanisms Design, Analysis, Hardware and Testing
  • Components/Equipment, Micro/Nano devices
  • Tribology and Materials
  • Launch Vehicles
  • In-Orbit Performance and Post-flight Investigations
  • Science Observatories, Earth Remote Sensing, and Planetary Exploration Mechanisms
  • Space Platforms, Tethers, Re-entry Vehicle Mechanisms
Oral or poster presentations may be accompanied by the demonstration of novel mechanisms and products.

Local Organiser

Hans-Juergen Jung

Mr. Hans Juergen Jung
+49 7545 8 3476

Astrium GmbH
88039 Friedrichshafen

Tel:  +49 7545 8 3476
Fax:  +49 7545 8 2693

EADS Astrium

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