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19th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium
Online - Organised by ESA.
20th - 24th September, 2021

Day 1 Session 1 Poster 1 Session 2 Poster 2
Day 2 Session 3 Pointing 1 Session 4 Instruments 1
Day 3 Session 5 Instruments 2 Session 6 Deployment & Microvibration
Day 4 Session 7 Components 1 Session 8 Components 2
Day 5 Session 9 Tribology & Orbit Experience Session 10 Miscellaneous Mechanisms
DAY-1: 20th September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountryPaper
14h005min session joining time
14h05Welcome, general info, ProgrammeMr. Lionel GaillardESA/ESTEC
14h25Welcome of Head of ESA Mechanical Engineering TEC-MSDr. Tommaso GhidiniESA/ESTEC
14h4050 Years of Space Tribology in Europe - what have we learned about “keeping space moving”…and what next ?Mr. Simon LewisESR Technology / ESTLGBR
15h105min session joining time
15h15Invited Talk and Q&ACol. Luca ParmitanoESA Astronaut ITA
16h1525min Coffee BreakTop
Session 1: Poster 1Mr. Frédéric CourtadeCNESFRA
16h405min session joining time
16h454D printing of Nitinol shape-memory componnent made by SLM additive manufacturingMr Paul DidierNimesis TechnologyFRA
16h50Lessons Learnt from lubricants’ testing at ESTEC Materials’ LaboratoriesDr. Malgorzata HolynskaESA/ESTEC
16h55Redesign, additive manufacturing and TRL7 validation testing of a space-compatible Slipring Rotor.Mr. Hervé SaudanCSEM SASUI
17h00Topology Optimization of Compliant Mechanism as a design method to improve hardware performance in Lunar dust environment.Ms. Dorota BudzynUniversity of GlasgowGBR
17h05DEAR – Providing a Dusty Environment for Planetary Exploration Robotics TestingMr. Tim TattuschOHB System AGGER
17h10iDRILL – An Instrumented Drill for Lunar ProspectingMr. Tim TattuschOHB System AGGER
17h15Miniaturised Stepper Motor for Space ApplicationsMr. Simon HayozAlmatech SASUI
17h20Emirates Lunar Rover Navigation Camera Mast and GimbalMr. Gorka GonzalezSENER AeroespacialESP
Session 2: Poster 2Mr. Harald LangenbachAirbus D&S GmbHGER
17h255min session joining time
17h30Low-cost low resolution contactless Position Sensor DevelopmentMr. Felix Gäde RUAG Space Germany GmbHGER
17h35DTA10-105 IHD Rotary Actuator DevelopmentMr. Iker Sainz LeteSENER AeroespacialESP
17h40Design and Manufacturing Considerations for Modified Involute GearingMr. Jonathan P. WoodLockheed Martin SpaceUSA
17h45Development of a compact Payload Mechanism enabling continuous motorized Sensor Head rotation and Signal TransferMr. Matthias NoekerRoyal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)BEL
17h50Lessons learned from Qualification Testing of a Potentiometer by Use of COTS’s TechnologyDr. Kai ZajacRUAG Space Germany GmbHGER
17h55CSEM MicroVibration platform description and characterizationMr. Guzman Borque GallegoCSEM SASUI
18h00Design of a novel Separation Mechanism for high-power model Rockets.Mr. Erik UythovenEPFL Rocket Team (ERT)SUI
18h05End of the day - Virtual Room left open to all for late evening discussionTop
DAY-2: 21st September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountry
Session 3: Pointing 1Mr.Mathieu RobroekAirbus D&S NetherlandsNED
14h005min session joining time
14h05Development and tests of a Pointing Mechanism based on a novel Direct Drive Motor and Magnetic EncoderMr. Floris van KempenTNONED
14h25Secondary Mirror Fine Pointing and Alignment Mechanism for Cryogenic Telescope ApplicationsMr. Hannes PlankRUAG Space GmbHAUT
14h45IASI-NG Scan Mechanism: An innovative Architecture to improve Pointing PerformancesMr. Julien GavaldaCOMATFRA
15h05Development of Thruster Pointing Mechanisms for CubeSat & Small Satellite ApplicationsMr. Marcos D. PerezLMO-UKGBR
15h25Preliminary tests of piezoelectric and magnetic fast steering mirrors P-FSM150S and M-FSM45 for large scale FSO constellationsMr. Gérald AigouyCEDRAT TechnologiesFRA
15h4525min Coffee BreakTop
Session 4: Instruments 1Mr. Samuel SeneseOHB System AGGER
16h105min session joining time
16h15IASI-NG Dual Swing Mechanism DevelopmentMr. Adrien MoraineAirbus Defence & Space S.A.S.FRA
16h35Development of an AM flexure-based Tripod Mechanism for the fine positioning of segmented Telescope Mirror TilesDr. Julien RouvinetCSEM SASUI
16h55JANUS Filter Wheel Module MechanismMs. Cristina ParederoSENER AeroespacialESP
17h15Design and Qualification of the METimage Solar Calibration DeviceMr. Mario LommatzschAirbus D&S GmbHGER
17h35Design and Testing of a novel miniaturised sealed Tether-Recoil Mechanism for the NANOKHOD MicroroverMr. Moritz GewehrUniversity of Stuttgart - Institute of Space SystemsGER
17h55End of the day - Virtual Room left open to all for late evening discussionTop
DAY-3: 22nd September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountry
Session 5: Deployment & MicrovibrationMr. Cristina BurguiSENER AeroespacialESP
14h005min session joining time
14h05Development of a high performance Microvibration Isolation SystemMs. Emilia WegrzynSurrey Space CentreGBR
14h25Microvibration Isolations Lessons Learned, Design Recommendations, and Enhanced Damping MaterialsMr. Tony DemervilleSMACFRA
14h45Lesson Learned on the development of a self-deployable VHF Antenna for Nano SatelliteMr. Gilles LubranoThales Alenia SpaceFRA
15h05Actuated Cover Door with Emergency Opening Function for Space TelescopesDr. Tharek MohtarOHB Italia SpaITA
15h25Design and Integration of a Deployable Antenna Wing AssemblyMr. Edward A. BoesigerLockheed Martin SpaceUSA
15h4525min Coffee BreakTop
Session 6: Instruments 2Ms. Marta TokarzAstronika Sp. Z o.o.POL
16h105min session joining time
16h15Evolution of the ExoMars Sample Crushing Unit from Breadboard to Flight ModelMr. Robert PaulOHB System AGGER
16h35ARIEL M2M Actuator de-riskingMs. Aiala ArtiagoitiaSENER AeroespacialESP
16h55COOLER : A louvered, passive radiator for CubeSatsMr. Peter SpanoudakisCSEM SASUI
17h15Front Door Assembly development for Coronagraph instrument onboard ESA’s Proba3 missionMr. Matěj StejskalVZLUCZE
17h35Design, Development and Qualification of the Filter Wheel Assembly (FWA) of the ASPIICS Instrument for ESA PROBA-3 MissionMr. Jędrzej BaranSpace Research Center PANPOL
17h55End of the day - Virtual Room left open to all for late evening discussionTop
DAY-4: 23rd September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountry
Session 7: Components 1Ms. Louise JanduraJPLUSA
14h005min session joining time
14h05A gas bearing reaction wheel supplied by ultrasonic pumpsMr. Stefan Heindel / Mr Florain LieboldESA/ESTEC
14h25Contactless Medium Accuracy Absolute Position SensorDr. Alessio BologniniRUAG Space AGSUI
14h45Magnetic Brake for Driving Units for Applications in Space EnvironmentsMr. Gregor Puchhammer / Mr. Karlo Radman IIES – Inspired Innovation Engineering Services
LCM - Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH
15h05Development and qualification of a High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys based Actuator for Hold Down and Release Mechanisms (HDRM)Mr. François LeprouxNimesis TechnologyFRA
15h25Software evaluation of Ball Bearing Performances (structural, tribology): comparison of numerical results obtained by five different engineers for the same set of input.Mr. Alain BlancESA/ESTEC
15h4525min Coffee BreakTop
Session 8: Components 2Mr. Marcin WygachiewiczSener Sp. Z o.o.POL
16h105min session joining time
16h15Large Angle Flexure Pivot development and test campaign resultsMr. Peter SpanoudakisCSEM SASUI
16h35Design and environmental testing of the DFKI-X Robotics Joint for space applicationsMr. Niklas A. MulsowDFKI Robotics Innovation CenterGER
16h55HF-VHF Compact Tubular Deployable Antenna MechanismMr. Iker GabiolaSENER AeroespacialESP
17h15NELS HDRS Qualification Results and Lesson LearntMr. Francesco CreatiniAirbus D&S Netherlands B.V.NED
17h35Development of a Modular Product Line of Rotery Actuators for European Space MechanismsMr. Jens AndersThales Avioics Electrical MotorsFRA
17h55End of the day - Virtual Room left open to all for late evening discussionTop
DAY-5: 24th September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountry
Session 9: Tribology & Orbit ExperienceMs. Ewelina RyszawaESA/ESTEC
14h005min session joining time
14h05New Lubrication concept to successfully run mechanisms at low temperaturesMr. Andreas MerstallingerAAC- Aerospace and Advanced Composites GmbHAUT
14h25Testing the impact dynamics of the LISA Pathfinder release mechanismMr. Edoardo Dalla RiccaUniversity of TrentoITA
14h45Hybrid Lubrication as a Practical Candidate for Space Mechanism ApplicationsMs. Rachel BingleyESR Technology / ESTLGBR
15h05The Tribological Behaviours of New and Existing Self-Lubricating Materials for SpaceMr Adam WadeESR Technology / ESTLGBR
15h25Study of Spacecraft Deployables FailuresMr. Alejandro RiveraKBR / NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterUSA
15h4525min Coffee BreakTop
Session 10: Miscellaneous MechanismsMr. Enrico SuettaLeonardo S.p.AITA
16h105min session joining time
16h15Advanced Space Mechanisms Design using Additive Layer ManufacturingDr. Antje DeckertAstro- Und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbHGER
16h35Verification of the internal Hold-Down Mechanism for LUNA-27 Prospect Drill Column: Dedicated GSE Development Challenges and Lessons LearnedMr. Maksymilian GawinAstronika Sp. Z o.o.POL
16h55Qualification of Resource Transfer mechanisms as part of International Berthing and Docking Mechanism – Hard Capture System developmentMr. Lukasz PowęskaSener Sp. Z o.o.POL
17h1510min Pause (for the selection of the best paper award by the committee)
17h25ESMATS Award celebration and ESMATS Closing Mr. Lionel GaillardESA/ESTEC
17h30End of the day - Virtual Room left open to all for late evening discussionTop

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