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19th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium
Online - Organised by ESA.
20th - 24th September, 2021

Day 1 Session 1 Poster 1 Session 2 Poster 2
Day 2 Session 3 Pointing 1 Session 4 Instruments 1
Day 3 Session 5 Instruments 2 Session 6 Deployment & Microvibration
Day 4 Session 7 Components 1 Session 8 Components 2
Day 5 Session 9 Tribology & Orbit Experience Session 10 Miscellaneous Mechanisms
DAY-1: 20th September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountry
14:005min session joining time
14:05Welcome, general info, ProgrammeL. GaillardESA/ESTECNED
14:20Welcome of Head of ESA Mechanical Engineering TEC-MST. GhidiniESA/ESTECNED
14:3550 Years of Space Tribology in Europe - what have we learned about “keeping space moving”…and what next ?S.D. LewisESR Technology / ESTLGBR
Session 1: Poster 1Frederic Courtade
15:055min session joining time
15:104D printing of Nitinol shape-memory actuators made by SLM additive manufacturingF. FouchéNimesis TechnologyFRA
15:15Lessons Learnt from lubricants’ testing at ESTEC Materials’ LaboratoriesM. HolynskaESA/ESTECNED
15:20Redesign, additive manufacturing and TRL7 validation testing of a space-compatible Slipring Rotor.H. SaudanCSEMSUI
15:25Topology Optimization of Compliant Mechanism as a design method to improve hardware performance in Lunar dust environment.D. BudzynUniversity of GlasgowGBR
15:30:DEAR – Providing a Dusty Environment for Planetary Exploration Robotics TestingT. TattuschOHBGER
15:35iDRILL – An Instrumented Drill for Lunar Volatile ProspectingT. TattuschOHBGER
15:40Miniaturised Stepper Motor for Space ApplicationsS. HayozAlmatechSUI
15:45Emirates Lunar Rover Navigation Camera Mast and GimbalG. GonzalezSenerESP
15:50:25min Coffee BreakTop
Session 2: Poster 2Harald Langenbach
Airbus D&S GmbH
16:155min session joining time
16:20Low-cost low resolution contactless Position Sensor DevelopmentS. BrunnerRUAGGER
16:25Thrust Vector Control mechanism based on outside flaps dedicated for the deorbitation Solid Rocket MotorE. MajewskaLukasiewicz Research Network Institute of AviationPOL
16:30DTA10-105 Rotary Actuator DevelopmentI. Sainz LeteSenerESP
16:35Design and Manufacturing Considerations for Modified Involute GearingJ. WoodLockheed Martin SpaceUSA
16:40Development of a compact Payload Mechanism enabling continuous motorized Sensor Head rotation and Signal TransferM. NoekerRoyal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)BEL
16:45Lessons learned from Qualification Testing of a Potentiometer by Use of COTS’s TechnologyK. ZajacRUAGGER
16:50CSEM MicroVibration platform description and characterizationE. OnillonCSEMSUI
16:55Design of a novel Separation Mechanism for high-power model Rockets.E. UythovenEPFLSUI
17:0010min Coffee BreakTop
Invited Talk (TBC)
17:105min session joining time
17:15Invited Talk (TBC)ESA Astronaut (TBC)TBCTBC
17:45End of the day - Virtual Room open to all for late evening discussionTop
DAY 2: 21st September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountry
Session 3: Pointing 1Mathieu Robroek
Airbus D&S Netherlands
14:005min session joining time
14:05Development and tests of a Pointing Mechanism based on a novel Direct Drive Motor and Magnetic EncoderF. van KempenTNONED
14:25Secondary Mirror Fine Pointing and Alignment Mechanism for Cryogenic Telescope ApplicationsH. PlankRUAGAUT
14:45IASI-NG Scan Mechanism: An innovative Architecture to improve Pointing PerformancesA. Albert-WendlandCOMATFRA
15:05Development of Thruster Pointing Mechanisms for CubeSat & Small Satellite ApplicationsM. PoucetLMOGBR
15:25P-FSM60SM and M-FSM45 For Giant Constellations Free-Space Optical CommunicationG. AigouyCEDRATFRA
15:45:25min Coffee BreakTop
Session 4: Instruments 1Samuel Senese
OHB System AG
16:105min session joining time
16:15IASI-NG Dual Swing Mechanism DevelopmentA. MoraineAirbusFRA
16:35PULSAR: Development of an AM flexure-based Tripod Mechanism for the fine positioning of segmented Telescope Mirror TilesJ. RouvinetCSEMSUI
16:55JANUS Filter Wheel ModuleC. ParederoSenerESP
17:15:Design and Qualification of the METimage Solar Calibration DeviceM. LommatzschAirbusGER
17:35Design and Testing of a novel miniaturised sealed Tether-Recoil Mechanism for the NANOKHOD MicroroverM. NitzUniversity of Stuttgart - Institute of Space SystemsGER
17:55End of the day - Virtual Room open to all for late evening discussionTop
DAY 3: 22nd September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountry
Session 5: Instruments 2Marta Tokarz
Astronika Sp. Z o.o.
14:005min session joining time
14:05Evolution of the ExoMars Sample Crushing Unit from Breadboard to Flight ModelR. PaulOHBGER
14:25ARIEL M2M Actuator de-risking activityA. ArtiagoitiaSenerESP
14:45COOLER : A louvered, passive radiator for CubeSatsP. SpanoudakisCSEMSUI
15:05Front Door Assembly development for Coronagraph instrument onboard ESA’s Proba3 missionM. StejskalVZLUCZE
15:25Design, Development and Qualification of the Filter Wheel Assembly (FWA) of the ASPIICS Instrument for ESA PROBA-3 MissionJ. BaranSpace Research Center PANPOL
15:4525min Coffee BreakTop
Session 6: Deployment & MicrovibrationCristina Burgui
SENER Aeroespacial
16:105min session joining time
16:15Design and Integration of a Deployable Antenna Wing AssemblyE. BoesigerLockhed Martin SpaceUSA
16:35Development of a high performance Microvibration Isolation SystemE. WegrzynSurrey Space CentreGBR
16:55Lesson Learned on the development of a self-deployable VHF Antenna for Nano SatelliteG. LubranoThales Alenia SpaceFRA
17:15Actuated Cover Door with Emergency Opening Function for Space TelescopesT. MohtarOHBITA
17:35Microvibration Isolations Lessons Learned, Design Recommendations, and Enhanced Damping MaterialsT. DemervilleSMACFRA
17:55End of the day - Virtual Room open to all for late evening discussionTop
DAY 4: 23rd September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountry
Session 7: Components 1Louise Jandura
14:005min session joining time
14:05Ultrasonic Pump Supplied Gas Bearings for Reaction Wheel ApplicationsF. LieboldESA/ESTECNED
14:25Contactless Medium Accuracy Absolute Position SensorA. BologniniRUAGSUI
14:45Magnetic Brake for Driving Units for Applications in Space EnvironmentsR. HolzbauerAACAUT
15:05Magnetic Bearings for Reaction Wheels: Modelling, Optimisation and Micro-Vibration ReductionG. Borque GallegoCSEMSUI
15:25Development and qualification of a High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys based Actuator for Hold Down and Release Mechanisms (HDRM)F. FouchéNimesis TechnologyFRA
15:4525min Coffee BreakTop
Session 8: Components 2Marcin Wygachiewics
Sener Sp. Z o.o.
16:105min session joining time
16:15Large Angle Flexure Pivot development and test campaign resultsP. SpanoudakisCSEMSUI
16:35Design and environmental testing of the DFKI-X Robotics Joint for space applicationsN. MulsowGerman Research Center for Artificial Intelligence,
Robotics Innovation
16:55HF-VHF CTDA Design DevelopmentI. GabiolaSenerESP
17:15NELS HDRS Qualification Results and Lesson LearntF. CreatiniAirbusNED
17:35Development of a Modular Product Line of Rotery Actuators for European Space MechanismsJ. AndersThales Avioics Electrical MotorsFRA
17:55:End of the day - Virtual Room open to all for late evening discussionTop
DAY 5: 24th September, 2021
TimePaper TitleAuthor / Session ChairAffilationCountry
Session 9: Tribology & Orbit ExperienceEwelina Ryszawa
14:005min session joining time
14:05New Lubrication concept to successfully run mechanisms at low temperatures (LowT3)A. MerstallingerAACAUT
14:25Testing the impact dynamics of the LISA Pathfinder release mechanismE. Dalla RiccaUniversity of TrentoITA
14:45Hybrid Lubrication as a Practical Candidate for Space Mechanism ApplicationsR. BingleyESR Technology / ESTLGBR
15:05:The Tribological Behaviours of New and Existing Self-Lubricating Materials for SpaceM. ButteryESR Technology / ESTLGBR
15:25Study of Spacecraft Deployables FailuresA. RiveraKBR / NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterUSA
15:4525min Coffee BreakTop
Session 10: Miscellaneous MechanismsEnrico Suetta
Leonardo S.p.A
16:105min session joining time
16:15Software evaluation of Ball Bearing Performances (structural, tribology): comparison of numerical results obtained by five different engineers for the same set of input.A. BlancESA/ESTECNED
16:35Advanced Space Mechanisms Design using Additive Layer ManufacturingA. DeckertAstro- und FeinwerktechnikGER
16:55Verification of the internal Hold-Down Mechanism for LUNA-27 Prospect Drill Column: Dedicated GSE Development Challenges and Lessons LearntM. GawinAstronikaPOL
17:15Qualification of Resource Transfer mechanisms as part of International Berthing and Docking Mechanism – Hard Capture System developmentL. PoweskaSenerPOL
17:35ESMATS Award celebration , and Closing ESMATS
17:45End of the day - Virtual Room open to all for late evening discussionTop