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Welcome to MESH
» a Q&A discussion forum for Mechanisms Engineers in the Space Industry

This forum has been set up as a collaborative Q&A platform for people / engineers in the space industry, and in particular the mechanisms part of the space industry, to discuss any aspect of space mechanisms; whether you want to post a problem and seek help from other engineers or you simply want share your knowledge with other engineers in this small but knowledgeable community this website should help support you and others in this domain.

As a precaution you will need to register to use the site – post comments, post and answer questions or upload articles to one of the other sections – but as this is fairly common practise please do not be put off by the registration process; it only takes a few moments and your data will not be shared with outsiders.

The website is organised into the following sections:

  • Rules and Guidelines – General rules about using the forum
  • News & Events – News of events in the world of Space Mechanisms: events / symposiums etc
  • Questions/Answers – Intended for people to post problems and seek advice from the more experienced members of the community; the raison d’être of the site. It is sub-divided into specific aspects of space mechanisms design: bearings, springs, motors, lubrication, actuators etc., etc.
  • Tutorials – Intended for more experienced people to post tutorials about specific aspects of space mechanisms design
  • Products – Intended as a repository for companies active in the field of space mechanisms to post details of new product developments
  • Lessons Learnt – An area of the website for engineers to post details of particular problems they had experienced and how it was solved
  • Links – Suggested web sites with useful information for Satellite Mechanisms Design Engineers
  • Suggestions – Submit suggestions for improvements to the website

Why Mesh? Several reasons: gears are central to most moving parts of a mechanism and they have to mesh together properly to work efficiently, a network of people can be viewed as a mesh as in a net with links across the net(work) directly with people you know and indirectly with people who are friends and colleagues of people you know, if the network works efficiently then everybody benefits. It could also be an abbreviation for Mechanical Engineers Space Hardware…