45th AMS – COVID 19 Update

Message from Jonathan Wood,  AMS Organizing Committee Member, Lockheed Martin Space

I am sure you are wondering about our plans for the 45th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium, in light of the issues and travel restrictions associated with the COVID 19 outbreak. It is looking very likely that there will be travel restrictions and restrictions against large group events well into May, so we understand your reluctance to register for the symposium at this time.

At this point, the organizing committee is actively looking at postponing the symposium, but have not yet identified a final date. We wanted to provide this update now, so you will know that we are working the issue, and there will be more info to come. At this point we are asking that If you have already registered, please wait before cancelling, as we are still working out the details for postponing the event, and will provide more info as soon as it is available.

Thanks for your consideration during this uncertain time.

Jonathan Wood

AMS Organizing Committee Member, Lockheed Martin Space

Sunnyvale, CA