45th AMS – Update – 22nd July


Hi Mechanism Colleagues

As with most things in 2020, our last symposium had to be cancelled.  We are cautiously optimistic for getting together for the 46th AMS in Houston in May 2022 – as of today, that would be possible for those in the USA and we hope that the situation improves such that everyone can attend by then.  Of course, as we are all aware now, the situation can change for the good or bad quickly!   Depending on the situation, we may go virtual, we may postpone, we may cancel and publish papers like we did for 45th;  all uncertain as there are financial issues with all options…

The 46th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium Call for Papers is enclosed and pasted below.  Many of you have been to the symposium or used the information in the proceedings, and realize that the quality of the symposium depends on the papers we receive.  I know we are all busy, but please consider submitting a summary for consideration, or let one of your colleagues at your organization know about it, or pass it along to someone else in the industry who may be interested.

Ed Boesiger, P.E.

Mechanisms Education Association President & Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium General Chairman

LM Mechanisms Senior Technical Fellow / Next Gen OPIR & SBIRS Executive Engineer

Lockheed Martin Space