45th AMS – Update – 22nd July


Hi Mechanism Colleagues

As with most things in 2020, our last symposium had to be cancelled.  We are cautiously optimistic for getting together for the 46th AMS in Houston in May 2022 – as of today, that would be possible for those in the USA and we hope that the situation improves such that everyone can attend by then.  Of course, as we are all aware now, the situation can change for the good or bad quickly!   Depending on the situation, we may go virtual, we may postpone, we may cancel and publish papers like we did for 45th;  all uncertain as there are financial issues with all options…

The 46th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium Call for Papers is enclosed and pasted below.  Many of you have been to the symposium or used the information in the proceedings, and realize that the quality of the symposium depends on the papers we receive.  I know we are all busy, but please consider submitting a summary for consideration, or let one of your colleagues at your organization know about it, or pass it along to someone else in the industry who may be interested.

Ed Boesiger, P.E.

Mechanisms Education Association President & Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium General Chairman

LM Mechanisms Senior Technical Fellow / Next Gen OPIR & SBIRS Executive Engineer

Lockheed Martin Space


Space Mechanisms Final Presentation Days

2021 Space Mechanisms Final Presentation Days.

The event will take place as an online event. It will be held during the afternoons of the 16th, 17th and 18th of February 2021, from 14:00 to 18:00.
The purpose of the event is to present the results of the latest research and development activities to interested parties from ESA member states and foster networking among actors in the space mechanisms industry.

The online platform tool we are going to use is Let’s Get Digital by Event Insight. To obtain the best experience for this tool it is preferred to make use of Google Chrome.

For more information about the workshop and final presentation days please click here.

Registration is open for the 2021 Space Mechanisms Final Presentation Days. To register please click here.

On behalf of the organizing committee,

ATPI Corporate Events
ESA Conference Bureau
Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk, The Netherlands
PO Box 299, 2200 AG Noordwijk,  The Netherlands
T: +31 71 565 5005
E: esaconferencebureau@atpi.com
W:  www.atpi.com

45th AMS – COVID 19 Update – 15th Sept

45th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium

Message from Ed Boesiger Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium General Chairman

Sadly another impact of the pandemic.  We have cancelled the 45th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium that was scheduled for December 2020.  The health and safety of the world’s mechanisms engineers is clearly more important.

Proceedings:   We appreciate all the work that the authors did for the papers for the 45th AMS and will be publishing the proceedings online.  We all will miss the presentations and of course the discussions, but we did add email addresses for the authors on the papers in case you do have questions for them.

Courses:  The bearing course, compliant mechanism course and the space vehicle mechanisms course will all be held online and virtual.  Note that the compliant mechanism course will have a change of date to Dec 2-3, 2020.  We will keep the links to registration on our website and included below:

Space Vehicle Mechanisms:   https://www.launchspace.com/fundamentals-of-space-vehicle-mechanisms/

Compliant Mechanisms:  https://www.launchspace.com/compliant-mechanism-design-course/

Bearings:  https://halpinengineeringllc.com/bearing_class_registration.html

Please note the following regarding cancellation policies:

  • Meeting: For those who registered and processed a payment, you will get a full refund at this point.  Due to how payments/refunds are processed, we will need some info.  Please send to Ron Mancini at ronemancini@gmail.com.
    • USA registrants:   Who the check is to be made out to, mailing address including ‘attention to’ if needed, phone number for someone at that address
    • Non-USA registrants:  all the required wire transfer information for Bank of America to send
  • Hotel: On Wednesday, 16 September, the Omni hotel will automatically cancel all those who identified 45th AMS as the group.  Please confirm with the hotel directly if you have questions.
  • Airlines: Please note that flight reservations must be cancelled by the individual who booked the reservation. It is up to the individual airlines if they will waive change fees or issue credits.

46th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium

We are hoping the world has gotten back to somewhat normal by 2022 and thus have scheduled the 46th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium to be held on May 11-13, 2022 back in Houston, TX at the Omni Hotel.

Look for a call for papers next summer.

Ed Boesiger, P.E.

Mechanisms Education Association President & Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium General Chairman

LM Mechanisms Engineering Fellow / Next Gen OPIR & SBIRS Executive Engineer

Lockheed Martin Space

Industry Space Days 2020

The European Space Agency (ESA) invites members of the space community to attend the Industry Space Days (ISD) at ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands) on 16th and 17th September 2020.

The eighth edition of the ISD is organised by the ESA SME Office to foster cooperation between different actors in the entire space sector.

Companies and organisations can attend:

  • pre-scheduled business-to-business meetings (B2B), a timesaving and efficient way to establish new contacts
  • an industry exhibition with 150 booths, allowing industry to showcase products, services and expertise
  • a wide range of conference presentations and workshops, featuring speakers from ESA, industry and Large System Integrators who share their views on business opportunities and market trends

Full details of the event can be found on the ESA website at https://isd.esa.int/

Electronic Materials and Processes for Space Workshop

11th Electronic Materials and Processes for Space Workshop
1st – 3rd September 2020, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The effect of the space environment on the reliability of electronic materials and devices is of continuous concern and discussion. Therefore our knowledge needs to be continually expanded in order to improve the design, reliability and safety of launchers, spacecraft and space instruments. The key drivers for technology development are future mission requirements that are currently experiencing rapid advances in the performance requirements needed for scientific instruments. The selection of materials, processes and devices for future space missions must also anticipate the causes of environmental regulations (e.g. REACH, RoHS) and utilize cleaner technologies in order to mitigate the environmental impacts of space programmes.

More details can be found on the website devoted to EMEPS 2020 https://atpi.eventsair.com/QuickEventWebsitePortal/emps-2020/website

Space Optics Instrument Design & Technology

Space Optics Instrument Design & Technology
27 September – 3 October 2020
(SOIDT 2020)

Optical engineering for Space is a highly specialized profession in need of trained and experienced people. Technology evolution and market dynamics requires to stay up to date with new methodologies for the designing, manufacturing, and commissioning high performance Space optical instruments.

Pushed by this need, the European Space Agency (ESA) took, in 2015, the initiative to organize a course for professionals operating in the sector of optical engineering for Space. Two types of courses are organized: one dedicated to “Space Optics Instrument Design” and the other to “Space Optics Instrument Technology”. The two courses are organised alternatively, one per year. The course of 2020 is targeted to Space Optics Instrument Technology.

The team of lectures consists of professionals with a long standing experience in the sector. Their accessibility during the course, gives the participants a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge with one-to-one meetings aside of the planned lectures.

The venue hosting students and lecturers gives plenty of opportunities to develop a professional network. Sharing problems and discussing solutions is the way to build a community of optical engineers for Space to make the Space sector growing as a whole.

The course opening ceremony will take place on Sunday, 27th September at 18:00hrs

The detailed course curriculum and the course schedule can be found on the course website:  http://soidt.org/course2020/

45th AMS – COVID 19 Update – 2nd April

Message from Ed Boesiger & Jonathan Wood,  AMS Organizing Committee Members, Lockheed Martin Space

Dear Aerospace Mechanisms Community,

As we stated in a previous email, we have decided to postpone the 45th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium in light of the COVID 19 situation.

So in this different year, we will hold it at a completely different time – The symposium will now be held 2 Dec through 4 Dec, 2020. The symposium program will be unchanged, except for some Holiday happenings around us. We hope you will be able to attend on this revised date. Please review the information below for additional details.  The www.aeromechanisms.com website is quickly being updated with the new program and hotel links.


  • If you have not yet registered, and wish to attend, please visit aeromechanisms.com and register for the symposium
  • If you have already registered, and still wish to attend, do nothing; your registration will remain in force
  • If you have already registered and can not attend, email ronemancini@gmail.com. We will provide a full refund with no cancellation charge through 1 May 2020

Hotel Reservations:

The symposium is being held at the same Omni Hotel as orginally planned.  If you have made a reservation for a room at the hotel, that reservation has been cancelled. Use the new hotel registration link (https://www.omnihotels.com/hotels/houston/meetings/aerospace-mechanisms-symposium-11302020) provided at aeromechanisms.com to create a new reservation. IMPORTANT: Your hotel reservation will not be moved by the hotel, you must cancel and re-book.


Classes will be moved as well. Please contact the class provider for more details on the specific class you registered for. Contact info for the classes can be found at aeromechanisms.com.


To our valued authors: If you are unable to attend the new date, please ask a co-author or colleague to present on your behalf. If you will not be able to attend, please contact jonathan.p.wood@lmco.com or ed.boesiger@lmco.com

Thanks for your cooperation. We wish you good health and safety during this uncertain time.

On behalf of the AMS committee,

Ed Boesiger & Jonathan Wood

45th AMS – COVID 19 Update

Message from Jonathan Wood,  AMS Organizing Committee Member, Lockheed Martin Space

I am sure you are wondering about our plans for the 45th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium, in light of the issues and travel restrictions associated with the COVID 19 outbreak. It is looking very likely that there will be travel restrictions and restrictions against large group events well into May, so we understand your reluctance to register for the symposium at this time.

At this point, the organizing committee is actively looking at postponing the symposium, but have not yet identified a final date. We wanted to provide this update now, so you will know that we are working the issue, and there will be more info to come. At this point we are asking that If you have already registered, please wait before cancelling, as we are still working out the details for postponing the event, and will provide more info as soon as it is available.

Thanks for your consideration during this uncertain time.

Jonathan Wood

AMS Organizing Committee Member, Lockheed Martin Space

Sunnyvale, CA

45th AMS – Registration is now open

MAY 13-15, 2020. Houston, Texas

Sponsored and Organized by the Mechanisms Education Association in cooperation with NASA Johnson Space Center and Lockheed Martin Space.

Registration for the 45th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium is now open on www.aeromechanisms.com. This year’s symposium will be at the Omni Houston Hotel in Houston, Texas, 13 May 2020 through 15 May 2020, and will feature paper presentations, posters, supplier booths at the reception, FIRST robotic teams, and a banquet under dinosaurs. We will also have two great special presentations, one on an amazingly scary spacewalk and the other by an experienced astronaut, and tours of NASA open to all. Price for the symposium is the same as previous symposium – doing our best to resist inflation.

Some important items to note:

  • Early registration ends on 19 April 2020. Prices increase from $750 to $850 after that date.
  • Make your hotel room reservation at the Omni Houston Hotel by 20 April 2020. We have a block of rooms reserved at a reduced rate, which is government per diem rate, until that date. There is a link to do the reservation and get the special pricing in the program or on website
  • Two tours are offered, one of NASA JSC on a private tram tour that is limited to first 261 persons to sign up and pay registration. The other is admission to Space Center Houston.
  • There are 3 workshops prior to the AMS to choose from – Space Mechanisms and Compliant Mechanisms Design both by LaunchSpace, and Fundamentals and Mechanics of Rolling-Element Bearings by Halpin Engineering.
  • The preliminary program is posted on the website with these details.

The Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium is concerned with the problems of design, fabrication, test, and operational use of aerospace mechanisms. Unlike many other conferences, the emphasis is on hardware developments. Come and learn and meet your mechanisms colleagues from around the world.


ESTL Document database

ESTL Document database – ESTL provide a fully searchable database of technical reports they have produced over a 40+ year period of R&D support to ESA through the Tribology Applications Programme (TAPS) – TAPS are focused R&D projects, around 8-10 per year, that ESTL undertakes to generate essential tribological data for the European Space community. Typically, they involve developing, evaluating and validating tribology advancements and mechanism design data. They are fully funded by ESA. All TAP reports can be accessed from our Website Members area and when presented, at ESA Final Presentation Days, ESMATS, etc. Users need to register to be able to access the database – ESTL Document database