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18th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium
Munich, Germany – Hosted by OHB and ESA
18th-20th September 2019




Welcome and Introductions

09:00 Opening Addresses:
Lionel Gaillard, ESA
Markus Thiel, OHB System AG
Andreas Lindenthal, OHB System AG

Session 1

System-Level Aspects

Session Chair: Thomas Knodel, RUAG Space Switzerland
09:30 Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) Mechanisms: Impact on instrument performances
09:50 Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) Payload Mechanism Developments: Lessons learnt from ESA perspective
10:10 ICI LLD - A Rocky Road to a Successful Development
10:30 BREAK (Tea & Coffee in Exhibition Area / Poster Visit)

Session 2

Components /Equipment, Micro/Nano Devices

Session Chair: Yann Michel, CNES
11:10 Bypass Switches – A Case Study in Test Like You Fly Merits
11:30 Performance and Life of Harmonic Drive® Gears for space applications
11:50 Large Angle Flexure Pivot development for future science payloads
12:10 Discharge component of pairs of bearings with a shape memory actuator
12:30 Innovation in Large Angle Flexible Pivot Design And Material Accelerated Fatigue Screening Test Results
12:50 LUNCH BREAK (Comet Room)
14:00 Afternoon Sessions' Authors' Preparation (Carl-Orff-Saal / Carl-Orff-Hall)
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Session 3

Pointing & Scanning Mechanisms I

Session Chair: Samuel Senese, OHB System AG
14:30 Scan Mechanism Assembly for MWI/ICI Instrument in the frame of MetOp SG
14:50 Development and Testing of MetOp-SG Solar Array Drive Mechanism
15:10 Design development and risk-reduction testing of a manufacturing-optimized steering mirror mechanism for optical inter-satellite communication links
15:30 Euclid Antenna Deployment and Pointing Mechanism
15:50 S4 SCS Qualification Results and Lessons Learnt
16:10 BREAK (Tea & Coffee in Exhibition Area / Poster Visit)
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Session 4

Pointing & Scanning Mechanisms II

Session Chair: Marcin Wygachiewicz, Sener Poland
16:40 Electric Propulsion Pointing Mechanism EPPM for the Spacebus Neo Platform
17:00 MTG SCAU Qualification Testing
17:20 Electro-mechanical force actuator for space deformable mirror
17:40 3Pod Parallel Antenna Pointing Mechanism: Apm Development Status And Qualification Of Its Moto Reducer
18:00 Poster Pitch Talks
19:00 Invited Talk – Thomas Reiter, ESA Astronaut
19:45 COCKTAIL RECEPTION (Exhibition Area)
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Session 5

Exploration Mechanisms

Session Chair: Tomasz Kuciński, Astronika
09:00 Development and Qualification of the ExoMars BEMA Rotary Actuators
09:20 Development of the MEDA Instrument Wind Sensor Deployment Mechanims for the M2020 Mission
09:40 Umbilical Release Mechanisms (URM) for ExoMars 2020 mission – summary of the qualification and acceptancetests campaign
10:00 Challenges Associated with Testing Mechanisms for a Martian Environment
10:20 Boom Retraction Mechanism as part of Sample Acquisition System from Remote and Hazardous Sites on a Comet
10:40 45th AMS and ESMATS 2021 Announcements
10:50 BREAK (Tea & Coffee in Exhibition Area / Poster Visit)
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Session 6

Tribology and Materials I

Session Chair: Cristina Paul, ESA
11:40 JENI Variable Aperture Mechanism Tribology and Life Test
12:00 Novel porous composites filled with carbon nanotubes for bearing cage used in high speed space mechanisms
12:20 Improvement of Lubrication Life of Grease-lubricated Strain Wave Gearing by Carburizing and Two-stage Shot Peening
12:40 Development of Advanced Perfluoropolyether Lubricants for High Vacuum Space Mechanisms
13:00 LUNCH BREAK (Foyer Philharmonic)
13:40 Afternoon Sessions' Authors' Preparation (Carl-Orff-Saal / Carl-Orff-Hall)
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Session 7

In-Orbit Performance / Post-Flight Investigations / Linear Mechanisms

Session Chair: Ed Boesiger, Lockheed Martin Space Systems
14:10 ExoMars PanCam High Resolution Camera (HRC): Evolution from BB to FM
14:30 Corner Cube Mechanism (CCM) for MTG IRS: Qualification and Acceptance Test campaign results and lessons learned
14:50 Analysis of the in-flight injection of the LISA Pathfinder test-mass into a geodesic
15:10 Leveling the SEIS instrument on NASA’s InSight mission to Mars
15:30 In-orbit performance analysis of the deorbit sail tested onboard PW-Sat2 nanosatellite
15:50 BREAK (Tea & Coffee in Exhibition Area / Poster Visit)
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Session 8

Various Mechanism Topics

Session Chair: Gilles Feusier, EPFL
16:30 Magnetometer Boom Subsystem for JUICE
16:50 A Survey of Reaction Wheel Disturbance Modeling Approaches for Spacecraft Line-of-Sight Jitter Performance Analysis
17:10 Passive Levitating Suspension for Cryogenic Instruments
17:30 Beam Splitter Mechanism Actuator for IASI-NG
18:15 Departure to Bavarian style Gala Dinner 45 min to 1h walk through central Munich, guided by OHB Alternatively 15 min by public transportation.
19:00 Arrival Drinks
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Session 9

HDRM & Deployables

Session Chair: Ludovica Bagetto, Thales Alenia Space France
09:00 Inertial Damping System for Deployment Speed Reduction of Tubular Boom Antenna Unit for JUICE Mission
09:20 MWI Launch Locking Device (LLD), a not standard HDRM
09:40 Lessons learned from the Cradle HDRM development on Insight-SEIS
10:00 Deployment Mechanisms for a 5m Unfurlable Reflector
10:20 BREAK (Tea & Coffee in Exhibition Area / Poster Visit)
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Session 10

Tribology and Materials II

Session Chair: Andrew Gibson, ESR Technology ESTL
11:00 Torque-based life indicators for gears in vacuum
11:20 A study of the in-vacuum performance of space lubricants in a compliantly preloaded pair of angular contact ball bearings using the Advanced Bearing Test Rig
11:40 New homogeneous gelled oils for space mechanisms lubrication
12:00 Filter Wheel Assembly: A Long-Life Space-Mechanism with Hard Mounted Bearings
12:20 CLOSING REMARKS including AMS 2020 and ESMATS 2021 Announcements
12:30 ESMATS 2019 Best Paper Award
14:30 Buses leave for OHB and DLR Site Tours 45min - 1h Drive --> Arrival at OHB/DLR 15:15-15:30

Presenter Name

Poster Title


Ignacio Granero Moneva Design and Test Results of a Microvibration improvement for an Antenna Pointing Mechanism Airbus Defence and Space
Marcelo Collado Evolution of a resettable Hold-Down and Release Actuator Based on SMA Technology Arquimea Ingeniería
Nicolas Raynal, Audrey Wendland 3POD PARALLEL ANTENNA POINTING MECHANISM: APM development status and qualification of its moto reducer COMAT
Hervé Saudan Redesign, manufacturing and validation testing of a space-compatible slipring rotor based on Additive Manufacturing CSEM SA
Guzmán Borque Gallego Micro-vibration identification in active magnetic bearing systems CSEM SA
Antoine Verhaeghe Lessons learnt during the development of a compliant Focus Mechanism for the ExoMars Rover mission CSEM SA
Lionel Kiener Innovative concept for additive manufacturing of compliant mechanisms CSEM SA
James Squires Design and Testing of a Roll-Ring® for 250 Million Revolutions of Operation in Space Diamond-Roltran, LLC
Rachel Bingley The Effect of Surface Production Techniques on the Tribological Behaviour of Fluid Lubricants ESTL, ESR Technology
Michael Buttery Ageing and Environmental Effects on Lubricants – A Preliminary Study ESTL, ESR Technology
Dan Mirescu, Mickael Tuffery, Frederic Lacour, Jean-Bernard Mondier A novel contactless inductive and capacitive rotary joint for power and signal transmission EXXELIA SAS
Armin Buchroithner Design, operation and results of a low-cost test rig for investigation of thermal properties of rolling element bearings in vacuum Graz University of Technology
Florian Fouché Development and Testing of a High-Temperature Shape Memory Pin Puller Pusher Actuator Nimesis Technology
Alessandro Bursi Separation Nut Life Testing for Launch Locking Devices on MetOp SG-B OHB Italia
Bernd Strube Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP) Mechanisms: Impact on instrument performances OHB System AG
Alexander Andreou Design, Development and Qualification of a High-Stiffness Hinge Mechanism for Reflector Antenna Deployment; Challenges and Lessons Learnt Oxford Space Systems
Robert Hahn, Tilo Schmidt DUDM Characterisation of integrated damping features for Ultra light Deployment Mechanism: Development, Qualification and Conclusion RUAG Space Gemany
Jorge Vázquez Non-Explosive Release Actuator Development and Qualification SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas
Boris ESCANDE Light-weight, resetable separation nut: Non-Explosive Opening NUT SOTEREM
Carlos Perestrelo Reusable and Non-Explosive Actuator for Hold Down and Release Mechanisms Spin.Works, SA
Alessandro Stabile Design and analysis of a novel hexapod platform for high-performance micro-vibration mitigation Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey
Matija Brumat Friction evolution of PTFE based space grease in precise pointing mechanisms Synopta GmbH