15th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium 2013

Noordwijk, The Netherlands - 25th to 27th September, 2013

ESMATS: The European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium

16th ESMATS 2015 will be held in Bilbao, Spain - hosted by SENER

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esmats 2011, Constance poster For its 30 year anniversary and for the 3rd time in its history, ESMATS will be hosted by ESA in Noordwijk.

The Symposium will be held in the Theater DeMuze in Noordwijk/Zee Wantveld on the 25th, 26th and 27th September 2013.

ESMATS provides an ideal forum for Mechanisms Engineers, young and old, to come together to discuss and celebrate their successes and failures, with a view to pooling their knowledge for the betterment of this unique community and the European Space industry as a whole.

It also provides an ideal opportunity for suppliers to exhibit their products to an audience who are in a position to utilise their equipments on future programmes.

This bi-annual event held on alternate years in collaboration with its sister event in the USA - The Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium - the European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium, ESMATS, regularly attracts around 250 space mechanism designers and engineers, space scientists, satellite project and programme managers from around the world.

Previous ESMATS; 2007 in Liverpool, England, 2009 in Vienna, Austria and 2011 in Constance, Germany have attracted delegates from most of the countries of Europe and across the world; The United States, Japan, China, India, Brazil, Australia and Canada to name but a few.

ESMATS has been hosted by esa in Noordwijk on 2 previous occasions in 1992 and 1997.

Registration for ESMATS and STC (Space Tribology Course - run by ESTL) is now available via this website.

ESTL Space Tribology Course

As with previous years ESTL will be holding their Space Tribology Course (STC) at the same location on the 2 days prior to ESMATS. Delegates will be able to book both events through this web site with a single booking when it opens for registration in March 2013.

Space Tribology Course delegates are encouraged to book early to be sure of a place - registrations in previous years have closed early due to being fully booked several weeks prior to the event - and also to assist the organisers in event arrangements.

Participants will learn:
  • Techniques of applied design of tribological components including mechanisms, bearings and gears
  • How to define and apply criteria for the selection of designs
  • How to define and apply criteria for the selection of materials
  • How theories of lubrication affect critical design and manufacturing decisions
  • Qualification test procedures including thermal vacuum testing of mechanisms
The course includes training in:
  • Solid Lubricants including molybdenum disulphide, thin lead films and self lubricating bearing cages
  • Fluid Lubricants including Pennzane and Fomblin Z25
  • Space qualified materials including structural materials, vacuum compatibility and use of heritage data

and the next AMS Mechanisms Symposium is in Baltimore, MD, USA, 14th to 16th May, 2014. www.aeromechanisms.com
42nd AMS Mechanisms Symposium Programme
AMS 2014 LaunchSpace
Mechanism Modeling Class by PTC ESTL Space Tribology Course
14-16th May, 2014 12-13th May, 2014 12th May, 2014 13th May, 2014

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