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20th European Space Mechanisms
and Tribology Symposium
Organised by Astronika Sp z o.o.
20th - 22nd September, 2023

Following an on-line event in 2021, Astronika and ESA are now thrilled to invite you to take part in the 20th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium, which will return in the well-established on-site format. This time we invite you to Warsaw, as for the first time in its four-decade-long history ESMATS is coming to Eastern Europe, so save the date for September 20–22, 2023.

Since its inception in 1983 ESMATS has come to be recognised as the premier European event for Space Mechanisms Engineers to come together to discuss and celebrate their successes and lessons learnt and disseminate their knowledge for the improvement of this unique community and the space industry.

ESMATS’s reputation as the lead event dedicated to Space Mechanisms Engineering generates an ever-growing interest, and the number of participants has been steadily increasing over the years, with over 300 guests, speakers and exhibitors in Munich in 2019. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the 19th ESMATS in 2021 was moved to an on-line format. While this provided some new possibilities, we are eager to come back to the on-site event, as we feel it more appropriate to facilitate the interpersonal aspects of the symposium as valued by its participants in the past, promoting sharing thoughts and opinions, exchanging different ideas and finding new business opportunities.

Bringing the symposium even farther East than it has ever been so far will certainly enable new opportunities, opening untapped new areas of conversation and cooperation by offering a unique chance to bring together the experience and heritage of well-established players with the fresh enthusiasm and potential of space industry newcomers.

For over 30 years the Symposium has been held as a bi-annual event, and we are eager to preserve this tradition by holding the 20th ESMATS in late 2023. Just as in previous years, the conference will be accompanied by training courses. We invite you to take the advantage of the opportunity to participate in the conference and courses preceding the event – see you in Warsaw in September 2023!

Symposium Location

The Symposium will be held in the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews ( located in the centre of Warsaw on the west side of the River Vistula that runs through the centre of Warsaw.


Astronika – ESMATS 2023 Hosts

More details about Astronika can be found on the page devoted to Astronika or their website


ESMATS 2023 – Post Symposium Report