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20th European Space Mechanisms
and Tribology Symposium
Organised by Astronika Sp z o.o.
20th - 22nd September, 2023

Exhibiting at ESMATS 2023

Exhibitors Fee: €1,200 + VAT* (23%)

As usual this coming ESMATS will include an exhibition area where companies can display and exhibit their equipment and hardware. Each company will be allocated with a stand. Stands may differ in standard, so the “first come, first served” rule will apply.

To apply for exhibition space, please contact esmats2023-exhibition@astronika.pl. Please mind that there is a limited number of exhibition spaces. Each submission will be reviewed by the organising committee. Once your exhibition position has been accepted and you have paid an exhibitor information pack will be distributed.

The exhibitor registration fee includes

  • 1 x full delegate pass which includes a full conference pack, lunches and coffee break refreshments for the 3 days, access to the cocktail reception, symposium dinner and a visit to the Astronika facilities
  • 1 exhibition space, 1 x table, 2 x chairs and power

The booths are approximately 2m square and the open tables approximately 2m x 1m. Both exhibition spaces have limited room to display posters and pull up roller display banners.

The following images show the planned layout for the exhibition area.  You can see that we plan to have a mixture of booths and open tables where exhibitors can display their products and have discussions with delgates between sessions and during the various breaks.

Plan view of symposium venue showing the planned relative positions of the various booths and the auditorium

The following companies and organsiations will be exhibiting at ESMATS 2023:

Added Value Solutions – www.a-v-s.es (16)
ADR-Alcen – www.adr-alcen.com (6)
Airbus – www.airbus.com (10)
ARQUIMEA SPACE – www.arquimea.com (13)
Beyond Gravity, Beyond Gravity Slip Rings – www.beyondgravity.com (9)
Cedrat Technologies – cedrat-technologies.com (20)
Cerobear – www.cerobear.com (15)
COBOT Dynamics gmbh – (1)
CSEM SA – www.csem.ch (17)
Dcubed space – dcubed.space (29)
Eaton Aerospace – Eaton ITD – www.eaton.com (27)
Ensign-Bickford Aerospace – www.ebad.com (21)
Ensinger Sintimid GmbH – www.ensingerplastics.com (23)
Glenair – www.glenair.com (3)
Gurley Precision Instruments – www.gurley.com (28)
Island Components Group – www.islandcomponents.com (2)
ISP system – www.ispsystem.com (8)
Maxon – www.maxongroup.com (18 & 19)
Moog Inc. – www.moog.com (5)
Nimesis – nimesis.com (26)
Nye Lubricants, A Member of the FUCHS Group – www.nyelubricants.com (25)
OHB – www.ohb.de (12)
Phytron – www.phytron.eu (4)
PIAP Space – piap.space (14)
SENER – www.group.sener (11)
Sierra Space – www.sierraspace.com (22)
SMAC – www.smac-mca.com (24)
Spinner GmbH – www.spinner-group.com (7)

3D projections of the exhibiting areas within the symposium venue


Various views and projections of the booths within the exhibition area


For additional exhibition resources to hire please contact esmats2023-exhibition@astronika.pl